Child Abuse and Neglect

  Child Affront and Neglect Physical, emotional, and sexual affront can bear a devastating contact on a branch and his or her lineage members. Gregarious workers deficiency to discern how to avow and corcorrespond to occurrences of affront expertly and efficiently. With an empathetic and advantageous gregarious worker, victims/survivors of affront can capture their original stride onto the desire pathway toward salubrious. For this Assignment, learn the occurrence cogitate Working With Survivors of Sexual Affront and Trauma: The Occurrence of Brandon and then cogitate what you would do if you were a gregarious worker and had to communication a composer of reputed branch affront. By Day 7 Submit a 2- to 4-page disquisition in which you reconsideration the arrival capturen by the gregarious worker in Brandon’s occurrence. Identify how the gregarious worker faculty bear used the ecological pattern to discern Brandon’s top fixed on a person-in-environment perspective. Elucidate the use of the ecological pattern in this occurrence on micro, mezzo, and macro levels. Describe strengths the gregarious worker may bear missed in assessing Brandon and his mother. Reconsideration the challenges that the gregarious worker identifies and elucidate the contact the affront could bear had on Brandon had his strengths not been signed and addressed. Please use the Learning Resources to buttress your solution.