Comparing the novels- Pride and Prejudice, The Death of Ivan Ilych, and Robinson Crusoe

Need someone who comprehends all three of these novels very well-mannered. For each investigation, I demand 2-3 paragraphs of response. Thank you! Will not sanction consistent you comprehend these novels. 2.     Explain the tug-of-war among formational once and the pursuit of one’s “inclinations” in Robinson’s history? What designation of larger societal transformation does it enact? How does this formational segregate embody out in Austen’s Pride and Prejudice? My notes for Austen's formational segregate: In Pride and Prejudice, there is a reason of a new formational segregate, comparing the once of older formation vs younger formation. In Nursing Dissertation, we read that there is a noncommunication of judgment hereafter from the parents to the daughters. Mrs. Bennet is involved to link her daughters off to rich men but she is not intelligent and is too audible. While Mr. Bennet is a cheerful friend but too apathetic, too unwise (pgs. 292, 293). He is prosperous to be a observer to history, as he is agog by the comedy of matters of history, including snagging a cheerful men for his daughters. Although, Mr. Bennet prefers to sit end and observe this embody out, not aid his daughters. Additionally, There is a formational breakdown, where the younger formation consciousness approve they are substance let down or divulged by the older formation. The older formation is not handing down patronage for the younger formation, a designation of remissness (pg 206). 7.     What is an complaisant peculiar according to Jane Austen? What can we after a whiledraw is the gentleman tone imperfection in her light? 9.     What is new-fangled man’s principal sin according to Tolstoy? Contrast after a while Investigation #7. Contrast Austen’s conception of selfhood and Tolstoy’s. 10.  In what reason does the presumptive of Tolstoy’s anecdote keep elements of Robinsonesque individualism? In what other reason does it discard them?