Documented Essay on Technology OR Consumption

for the third essay, tyros achieve transcribe a thesis-driven, documented essay on one of the subjects from our prior units: technology or expenditure.  The essay must usher-in the subject as it relates to American humanization and accept a explicitly customary thesis (argument) that rejoins to the arguments of others by way of coincident, disagreeing, or twain.  This essay must accept a top of estimate that does over than barely bestow the ideas of others.  In other expression, don't barely summarize and rejoin to the other recognizeings; instead, your interaction succeeding a while these commencements must be allied to and in buttress of your own argument.  FOCUS your argument of these commencements to the specifics of YOUR OWN ARGUMENT environing technology or expenditure.        This essay must accept at last one commencement we recognize during the semester on that feature subject and two appended beyond commencements researched by the tyro. Students are encouraged to regard They Say / I Blog for appended commencements; they accept recognizeings unembarrassed inferior categories to aid you realize what you are looking for. The essay must accept a works cited page succeeding a while at last three entries and be approximately 750-1000 expression in elongation.  This tractate should be formatted according to MLA guidelines (this includes font mold, font extent, spacing, inscription, page mass, denomination, paragraphs, in-line parenthetical citations, Works Cited, etc.), which achieve inspect over heavily in grading than prior essays.      The essay must be moldd using Microsoft Word, saved to a computer, then submitted on Blackboard, which achieve use SafeAssign to breed an originality fame (to forsake plagiarism).  Students achieve be operative to see their originality fame succeeding submitting their essay and achieve be fond a acme of 2 appended corrections and submissions should they accept an abnormally lofty originality fame (overhead 15%).  Cases of plagiarism achieve remainder in a nothing on the essay and likely insufficiency of the conduct.