English paper

Purpose of the Assignment For this assignment, You get flourish the instructions outlined on pages 206 - 207 of the textbook. You are given very local questions to cogitate and ways to adit the assignment. An illustration of a congruous essay can be rest on page 199 of the textbook.  Strategies for Success Review the instructions for Drafting & Planning Review the instructions and rubric for what makes the tally amiable. This should NOT the identical as Essay 1. This media it should not comprise the identical or congruous details. Format Guidelines Essay engagement reckon is 750 - 1000 engagements (not including cited esthetic). At lowest 6 paragraphs. Use transmitted MLA essay organization (use the MLA essay template in Microsoft Word). Use the want settings on your engagement processing program (“normal” margins,12-point font, Calibri or Times New Roman). Double-space your essay and comprise page gum and headers. (see  sample MLA information or retrospect the flourishing). Cite all your instrument from the readings. Submitted the essay as a .doc or .docx rasp. Save/name your assignment as LastName#2. link to textbook.  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LTTcWdJG62CMWb50nVbhcDXETESRXId0/view?usp=sharing