Ethical and Legal Implications of Prescribing Drugs ( Georgia ) 3 pages APA

3 pages, APA format, 3-4 references and in-text citations.   1. Consider the allowable and divine implications of prescribing direction drugs, exposure, and nondisclosure.  2. Resurvey the scenario During your lunch curb at the hospital, you interpret a chronicle period on pharmacy economics. You apprehend of a alien of unrepinings who bear recently mentioned their financial difficulties. You sign if some of the rich drugs you bear prescribed are sufficiently managing the unrepinings’ heartiness provisions and comely their nature of estate. 3. Search particular laws and standards for prescribing direction drugs and for addressing medication errors for the say of Georgia, and return on these as you resurvey the scenario assigned by your Instructor.  4. Consider the divine and allowable implications of the scenario for all stakeholders implicated, such as the prescriber, pharmacist, unrepining, and unrepining’s race.  5. Apprehend environing two strategies that you, as an delayed experience nurture, would use to direct your divinely and allowablely obligatory decision-making in this scenario, including whether you would reveal any medication errors.