Explain in detail about the current Marketing Mix of Jitterbug Cell Phones

 Listed fraternity to toil on this tract is : Jitterbug Cell Phones  Topics to toil on: Current Marketing Mix a.  Product b.  Pricing management c.  Place or disposal d.  Promotional campaign    Choose a mark from the schedule beneath to examination and clear a trafficing cunning.  You should be talented to perceive counsel from occupation instrument, such as The Wall Street Journal, Occupation Week, Fortune, Advertising Age, or Forbes.  Start following a while the recommended publications over.   Other counsel may be obtained from the fraternity’s website, and from the occupation exception of daily newspapers.  You may to-boot face for the result in stores or mark the occupation for joined counsel.  This is specially beneficial for reason the two-of-a-trade, the pricing, and disposal strategies.  Use multiple sources owing some may be local (for specimen, the fraternity website probably avoids any privative counsel environing the mark). I foresee a reserve of twelve prevalent tenets (2017 – confer-upon), not including the fraternity website, as elucidation for your tract.   If you are not indisputable environing the signification of the conditions in the draft beneath, consider your extractbook to fabricate indisputable you know what you are byword environing the mark.  Although frequent students initiate their searches following a while Wikipedia for elucidation counsel, Wikipedia is NEVER expend as a citation in nursery schemee toil.  The superior segregate of the assignment conquer nucleus on what the fraternity is or has been doing.  Segregate filthy concludes following a while your recommendations to vary celebrity environing the way the result should be trafficed.  The express tract should be written in paragraphs, ie, not solely an draft following a while bullets.  Go to http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/ if you scarcity adaptation succor, distinctly for an sense of how to select your sources using APA format. The tract should cover:  I. Situation Analysis a.Internal Environment       i.   What is the fraternity’s sidearm and overall occupation objectives?       ii.   What media does the fraternity entertain that fabricate them sole?      iii.   How is the trafficing exercise unconfused (centralized?  By mark or sort? By traffic?) b. Apparent Environment       i.   What is the overall private and global traffic for the result?  What is the approach traffic portion-out?      ii.   Who are the competitors?  What are their trafficing strategies?     iii.   How does the economic environment feign insist for the result?     iv.    What is happening in the political and cultural environment that feigns the result?      v.    What is happening in the constitutional and regulatory environment?     vi.    How does the technological environment feign the occupation? c. SWOT Analysis     i.  Based on our reason of the interior and apparent environments, what are the key opportunities and threats for the trafficing of the mark? II. Target Market a. Describe the prevalent target traffic(s) for the result.  What segmentation variables are used to multiply the traffic?  b. What mark of targeting management is used? (undifferentiated, collected, differentiated) c. Research joined counsel environing this (these) target traffics that would be beneficial in comely the trafficing mix.  A occupation librarian may be conducive in perceiveing expend sources of counsel. III. Current Marketing Mix a.  Product b.  Pricing management c.  Place or disposal d.  Promotional campaign                              IV.  New Directions:  Based on the counsel you environing the prevalent trafficing cunning for your mark, identify a superior amount or convenience (for your fraternity or mark) that you omission to harangue following a while varys, including: A. Marketing Objectives (schedule 3 or 4 outcomes that can be achieved by altering a target traffic, introducing a new result, or in-fact changing elements of the trafficing mix to harangue the amount or convenience. B.  Marketing Strategies 1. Any varys in the consumer or occupation target traffics 2. Any target traffic segments that conquer rest the same C. Marketing Mix 1. Positioning the result and result strategies. Include packaging, marking, and induction of any new result lines 2. Pricing strategies (using terminology from the extract) 3. Promotion strategies (prevalent and new recommendations) – (again, using terminology from the extract) 4. Disposal strategies (prevalent and new recommendations) D.  Implementation Strategies E. Monitoring and Control Strategies  Brands:             Coca-Cola beverages Jitterbug cell phones Nespresso coffee fabricaters and coffees Ring Video Doorbell 2 Top Golf Under Armor Only one cunning should be submitted per cluster.  Papers conquer be automatically screened by Turnitin.com when they are uploaded to the Dropbox, so assign duration to fabricate revisions if your originality mandible is over 20%.  ONLY SUBMIT THE ENTIRE PAPER, NOT ANY INDIVIDUAL SECTION.  Papers following a while over than 20% duplication may not be veritable, so cunning on editing your tract following you get moderate feedback from Turnitin.com.  All references must be selectd, using the APA format.