Your end allure be to adopt an essay theme and invent a account outshine to aid ad for the essay to be referted during Week 5. Please unravel this instrument for details respecting the assignment.   ASSIGNMENT FOR WEEK #1: THE WRITING PROCESS   Objective:  This line allure entertain you progressively construct an essay during Weeks 1-5.  The completed essay allure be due at the end of Week 5.  Let’s spurn off our efforts during Week 1 and ascertain a theme for your essay!  This week, you allure refer a account outshine of the theme you denote to educe into an essay.   Week #1 contains the subjoined assignment:   · Week #1: Prewriting Strategy. You allure consequence a account outshine touching a theme of his or her own valuable.   You allure as-well deficiency the subjoined materials to ad for this assignment:   · Computer   · Account mannering program   You allure deficiency to use a computer that has a account mannering program fixed. These materials are discriminating to successfully completing this assignment.   Part of this week’s assignment is to prepassage the consequence of planning and constructing the essay by inception after a time a prewriting strategy (in this subject a account outshine!) time exclusive the subjoined behaviors:   · Account mannering skills   · Working acquirements of the Internet   WEEK #1: PREWRITING STRATEGY   Your external is to consequence a account outshine of the theme you denote to educe into an essay.  Remember, this assignment is the primeval stalk in constructing the essay due by the end of Week 5. Stalk 1.  To commence, you deficiency to adopt a theme for your essay.  Consult and for a catalogueing of balance 500 implicit themes and adopt one of attention for your essay.   Step 2.  Now that you entertain a theme, gather a catalogue of accounts and phrases regarding to your essay’s theme.  It may be worthtime to quest, online, environing your theme and ascertaining which accounts and phrases linked to your theme.  Create the catalogue, containing at smallest 40 accounts, in a Microsoft Account instrument and secure it!   Step 3. Visit  Copy and paste the complete instrument you inventd during Stalk 2, into the WordSift passagebox.  Click Sift! to manner the freshly portraiture and pasted passage.  A account outshine allure show.   Step 4.  Save the account outshine in PNG format by clicking the characteristic (in the preferable suitable) and then clicking PNG at the foot suitable:    The metaphor of the account outshine allure show, and you should secure it to your desktop.     Week #1’s Submission Refer the prewriting strategy, inventd in Stalk 4, to Week #1’s Assignment gateway.