ICASE Assignment

   USF's Online Avenue Novice Notification Scheme (OASIS) is the USF novice registers scheme. It manages novice touchs and provides new, popular, and ancient novices online avenue to their novice registers. You allure use OASIS to avenue all your novice registers, including your advance touch, financial aid notification, touch notification, immunization registers, registration registers, popular schedule, teaching, fees and manifold further services. You as-well register for manners in OASIS. For your ICASE assignment, USF IT exception possess asked you to sketch a scheme which can be used in OASIS for manner registration and superintendence during the set-on-foot of each semester. The scheme should sanction novices to add/ooze the manners and it should sanction the staff to support or sanction novices to get enrolled in the manners.  The scheme allure be avenueed by novices, staff, and professors. Students allure possess poor avenue solely to add or ooze them from the manner. Staff possess admin avenue to add or ooze any novice from the manner and can update other details affect seating compatability. Professors allure possess avenue to support or discard the entreat of novices to adadjoin the manner. Consider the material disposition issues such as certainty and axioms conscientiousness. Use your imaginative intellect and knowledge after a while manner registration schemes to achieve an moderate cognomen of the desired scheme after a while the subjoined UML diagrams: § Create and make-glossy the requirements for the scheme using Use Case resolution to picture the functionality of the projected scheme in conditions of bearing actors and their goals. § Sketch the bearing Class Diagrams to portray the conceptual axioms modeling of the scheme sift-canvassed aloft. § Analyze and sketch State Chart Diagrams to portray a selected succession of events complicated in the projected workflow scheme for at last one of the required functions. Note that there are multiple stakeholders for this scheme. Make assumptions on the amount assertion that are grave and doable in the opportunity allocated for this assignment. Instrument your assumptions in your announce. Estimated endeavor on this assignment is 3 to 6 hours depending on your previous knowledge after a while ICASE tools and UML. This is an personal assignment to determine that all novices possess a hands-on knowledge after a while an industrial force ICASE scheme.  2. Prerequisites 2.1. Create the totality on Gliffy using novice email id and login using the created totality. 2.2. Complete the Tutorial. (Download the tutorial from the Manner Module exception of Canvas).   3. Assignment Submission Generate a negotiative announce after a while the details of your online manner registration scheme. You should briefly picture the requirements/goals of the scheme and sift-canvass why you chose the actors, use cases, entities, the indications, the relationships, and the functions that you did. Provide screenshots of the subjoined: (You can as-well comprise other screenshots bearing to the announce): § Use Case Diagrams. § Class Diagrams (Document the entities, indications, indication axioms types and relationships) § State Chart Diagrams Please suggest your announce as a only Word instrument into the Assignment area in Canvas.