Jazz Week 4 Muscular System

  "Leg muscles economize tail muscles...Mandatory OSHA parley Tuesday at noon.  Bring lunch," states the assembly memo.  Sandor Padilla, a 28-year-old merchandise loader, signs.  "Third parley this year, and it's not plain June yet!"  He has simply two minutes to grasp the tarmac.  "Oh polite, merchandise waits for no man," he meditates as he jogs off to toil. Sandor enjoys his job.  It keeps him fit but lets his judgment supervene more fanciful avenues.  Today, his thoughts err to his daughter Reina's fifth birthday plane, righteous two weeks detached.  "A pony or a clown?  Hot dogs or tacos?" he muses.  Single parenting has its moments.  As he is diligent meditateing of other things, the ponderous crate slips, driving him into a squatting lie that injures his thigh muscles.  His cry of disinclination brings Janet Wilson, his overseer, ordinary to aid. The principal aid business ices his leg to contract swelling and disinclination.  After the overseer consummates the lucent narration, Sandor is enthralled to the strait capacity.  Dr. Basra, the orthopedic specialist on fawn, diagnoses myorrhesis of the left rectus femoris.  A myorrhaphy is required to entertain this waste.  After different days in the hospital, Sandor is sent home after a while a Vicodin usage for disinclination and symbol for visible therapy sessions three times a week.  He is not expected to render to toil for at lowest 90 days. AirFreight Systems receives the principal narration of waste and compares it after a while the overseer's lucent narration. Ruling: Safety Violation. No Liability. Render to toil in 30 days or renunciation. Sandor knows how to feel ponderous loads safely; still, the crate may accept slipped owing he was diligent meditateing encircling his daughter's birthday plane and not encircling his toil.  Could the function for this clothing be considered inattention on Sandor's portio?  Do you meditate Sandor should be aid obligatory or is innocent in this support? Initial support must be a reserve of 5-6 consummate sentences