Mid-term Assignment (Concept Map and Paper)

Goal: Understand how concept mapping can be used to succor levigate your deeming and letter of your brochure. Concept mapping can be a adapted cat's-paw for succoring you conceptualize your brochure. This mode is repeatedly used in investigation to succor scholars conceptualize investigation studies. Creating a concept map is adapted in succoring you deem through the elder ideas, concept and bodies of lore that are controlling your fruit and succor you invent these in a way that is ropy, pure and compelling. Assignment: 1- You specifically scarcity to centre on implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in coreiness heed contrast, and find abiding that all your resources recite to this theme.   2- Each of you conquer fulfill the main ideas and concepts that are embedded in his/her brochure. 3- Once you feel generated some concepts to fruit delay, ask yourself how these concepts are recited. 4- Create a concept map of the grave concepts that underpin your brochure and their communication to each other. * Be poetical don’t deem environing getting the fair concept map. Deem environing the brochure you are letter, the underlying discourse declaration, the dispute that you are making and how the concept embedded in your dispute is recited. Once you feel created a visual justice of the concepts in your brochure, you conquer use it to reply the subjoined questions (DON'T SIMPLY WRITE THE ANSWERS FOR THOSE QUESTIONS, those questions should succor you to transcribe the concept brochure): vWhat are the mediate concepts at the core of your brochure? vHow do you deem these concepts recited to each other and what is your plea for these? vWhat is the kindred between the concepts and ideas that you conquer debate in your brochure? vWhat lore informs your brochure and how does this lore link / recite? You scarcity to invent one page concept brochure based on the concept map. This brochure conquer demonstrate your concept map.   At the end of this assignment, you scarcity singly to propose the visual justice of the concept map, and one page concept brochure.