Module 06 Written Assignment – Disability Accommodations

  As keep-akeep-apart of a global environment, managers demand to be assured of manifold legitimate regulations and charge of the countries they do duty after a while. For this assignment, you accomplish rendezvous on how incongruous countries compose disabilities. To start after a while, revisit how the U.S. composes disabilities through the Americans after a while Disabilities Act. Next, adopt a kingdom other than the United States and Japan to lore. Study how disabilities are composed in that kingdom (e.g., is tbrief an equipollent to the Americans after a while Disabilities Act, trusts in nurture, barefaced areas, etc.?) Compare and opposition these trusts after a while the U.S. advice on how disabilities are composed brief. Be enduring to grasp a brief overview of the separated kingdom and/or refinement as a healthy. Also grasp how the trust of disabilities affects the skill of a separate, interdiplomatic workforce. Submit an APA-formatted, 3-page tract on the question, including embezzle citations as without lore is required. Submit your completed assignment to the faint box underneath. Please impede the Course Calendar for local due dates.