Part IV: Career-Readiness Reflection (60 points) Choosing a course track is a big sentence that takes a lot of interval and trial. While you are not expected to run on a course by the end of your earliest year, it is momentous that you promise in the course scrutiny course. Even if you entertain already rund on a course track, this assignment get aid you gather past about the uncertain options that exist amid the course of concern.  For this assignment, you get deficiency to test at meanest three websites on a course of concern to you. You can select courses that are all allied or entertain three contrariant course concerns. You get then imagine a 3 page abridgment instrument (be unquestioning to refer-to sources in APA format) that includes the forthcoming impartation:  Job description and job tasks Job prospect and salary Work environment and opportunities for advancement Education and other requirements Does your MyPlan results impart the model of jobs you are concerned in? Identify and argue the co-curricular experiences you get share in aggravate the next 3 to 4 years to enunquestioning you graduate as a excellently competitive UCF Knight (i.e. Internships, Study Abroad, Undergraduate Research)? Refer to Supplemental handout Co-Curricular Education Experiences (Dean, 2015)/SDES UCF Co-curricular gathering experiences.pptx Hint: Your MyPlan results, contravention delay course services, and the databases we entertain mellow cater a excellent dispense of probable impartation in-reference-to your course concerns. Career Services:​