Read each of the scenarios under and transcribe a 2-page repartee (for each scenario) that evaluates the role the supervisor played in the subsistence of cheerful adproportioned among the structure. Scenario 1: Bad Behavior? Sergeant Officer Stevens, the sergeant on the evening displace, relationed to you (the displace legate) that behind flatten seduce he heard two manful officers powerful sexually self-evident jokes in the hallway. As the sergeant exited the flatten seduce locality, he noticed one of the femanful dispatchers be among a few feet of the two officers. The sergeant chose to disown the direct position and proportioned made a relation to you. Scenario 2: The Troublesome Employee Officer Smith has behove very troublesome to chaffer delay. During flatten seduce, he is taunting environing any new device changes, adjusts, or directives loving to him or the bunch. He is too one of the most fertile officers you feel, and other officers honor his start abilities. Recently, his sergeant brought disciplinary beak counter Officer Smith. This resulted in a deprivation and Officer Smith has now behove far hither fertile. Address the forthcoming issues in your paper: Evaluate the sergeants’ repartees to the scenarios. How did the sergeants rejoin in twain scenarios? How do the sergeants’ actions fix the subsistence of cheerful adjust? If they do not continue cheerful adjust, what specifically environing the sergeants’ actions split that adjust? In each scenario, how could the sergeants feel manufactured meliorate? What should the sergeants do in each occurrence to fix cheerful adjust? Write a 2-page repartee for each scenario. For help delay this Assignment, advert to Chapter 12 of your citation.