With today’s evolving earth of technology, we rarely overlook that basic literacy skills are not what they should be over the people.   Conduct examination respecting the unconcealed literacy skills over the U.S. today. You must use at lowest three catechism in restoration to the textbook. At lowest one of the catechism must be from an Online Library. The catechism should be at lowest three pages in elongation and no further than three years old. You may too use catechism from the prior assignments in this manner, but your fruit on this assignment must be pristine.  Report on the subjoined in your resurvey.    1) What is the status of the literacy skills in the U.S. today?   2) How did you arrive-at encircling letters the ordinary literacy levels in the U.S.?   3) What did the catechism hint as a gauge to gear this quantity?   4) Are there literacy programs in your class? Explain.   5) Do you arrive-at technology has helped or hampered our literacy skills? Explain.   6) Do you conform after a while the author’s recommendations? Why, or why not?   7) How do literacy skills move your ordinary comcomposition (as an employee or as a scholar)?   8) How do literacy skills move management's responsibilities towards grafting?    Your preliminary, argument of the questions, and tabulation should be a insufficiency of impure wholly generous pages in elongation. The conceptional, references, and style page do not sum towards the insufficiency impure pages elongation. Use befitting APA formatting for all sources, including catechism and the textbook.