Programming in C

   This assignment consists of immodest incomprehensive programs. Use Code::Blocks to accomplished your production. You procure refer the immodest C origin command finishs for this assignment. Gladden zip the finishs and grasp your call in the call of the close finish.  Part 1: Commenting Code Including expounds in origin command that teachs what the command does and how it does it are an influential negotiative best exercitation. Command that is well-commented and well-formatted facilitates despatch among programmers and others needing to production delay the command. Commenting your command needs to be a association from the rise. Adding expounds to command procure too acceleration invigorate influential C programming concepts in your own judgment. Type in the command granted in the assignment Resources, build/compile the program, and run it. Typing the command in yourself rather than servile and pasting procure acceleration you get to understand the C talk. When you penetratetain the command running, go through the command and add expounds to teach what the command does and how it does it. Be unfailing to add a header enjoy the forthcoming to all command finishs (delay your call and the conclusion). /* Ann Smith - IT2240 - U01a1 - Part 1 * 10/01/2015 Rev. 1 */ You should add at smallest five expounds to the command granted. Be unfailing to recompile and criterion the command behind you penetratetain assumed your expounds to compel unfailing you penetratetain not introduced any syntax errors. Part 2: About You Create a program that prints three successions of extract about yourself. Be unfailing to grasp after a whilehold spacing and new succession parts to compel the output in the final window readable. As delay all programming command, but unfailing to format the program truly and grasp expounds and a header for the finish, such as shown over. Part 3: Integer and Floating Apex Arithmetic Write a one program that prints the results of two arithmetic expressions using integers and the results of two floating-apex calculations (for a sum of 4 calculations). Print out twain the arithmetic expressions and the answers congenial by the command. For this program, it is showy to use "hard-coded" values (the bulk used in the calculations are granted in the command) rather than user input. Be unfailing to format the command truly and grasp applicable expounds in the origin command (including the expound at the top of the finish delay your call and identification of the program). Part 4: User Input Write a program that prompts the user to penetrate a part, an integer, and floating apex sum. Behind lection the input, the program should print out the values penetrateed. Be unfailing to format the command truly and grasp applicable expounds. When you are facile to reverse in your assignment, gladden zip your .c origin command finishs contemporaneously for dependence.