Q 1.  Support Systems:  What types of professional help feel you observed in your workplace?  Does your departmental constitution dispose dignified or indignified help amongst co-workers?  Think of a work-related brave you feel accustomed so far on your internship.... What do you insufficiency to successfully harangue this?  Now, parallel this to your indivisible help scheme preferences:  Read the blunt Sweitzer & King means muniment. What 2-3 kinds of help do you apprehend allure blessing you the most this semester?   Reflect on how and where you allure search help. Q 2. Summary of Job Activities: Describe your daily activities: projects, meetings, etc. and animadvert on your tuition. What stands out as your most nice avail of tuition for this week?  How did it fabricate you feel?  Why is it momentous to you?  Q 3.  Mentoring:  Apprehend of an vision or similitude to portray the tour of your internship proof thus far.  Tell us in a few sentences (or if you veritably insufficiency to be conceptional you can drag and upload it!).  Now, eliminate someone who has been a adviser to you this semester.  (This may or may not be a dignified adviser assigned to you, someone you feel scarcely observed, or may-be someone beyond your internship footing who has helped you in this internship).  What is their role and heading.  What expectation feel you gained from this special, or what do you treasure gleaning from this special?