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STUDY SKILLS (UUB 3013) ACADEMIC ACTIVITY PREPARED FOR: MADAM SITI NOOR AMYAH BINTI KHASBULLAH PREPARED BY: AIN NADIA BINTI ZAILAN (KJC1190154) AHMAD HEIKHAL BIN AMIR HAMZAH (KJC1190261) AZUADI BIN ZAHARIN (KJC0970162) DANIAL SHAM BIN MOHAMAD SHAMIN SHARMENDRAN (KJC1080452) HAIKAL BIN MOHAMAD NAZRI (KJC1160329) MOHAMMAD SHAHIN BIN MUHAMMAD NAZIR (KJC1160277) SYED MUZAMMIL BIN SYED ROSLAN (KJC1160022) SUBMISSION DATE: 30TH NOVEMBER 2011 Contents Introduction1 Objectives2 Organizational Chart3 Details of the Program4 Tentative Activity4 Treasurer5 Advance Report6 Conclusion9 Appendix Introduction As we all distinguish, for our assembly assignment for Study Skills topic, we demand to pass an academic essential-tendency in an direction establishment. The deep purpose is to exercise our distinguishledge environing Study Skills in our own perspective inveterate on the incongruous sketche of direction. Thus, our assembly has selected to consummate an essential-tendency at Smart Soleh Integrated Preschool located at Kota Damansara. This detail pre-school consists of 30 pupils that attribute 4 to 6 in years. We would attachment to surrender an excellent-minded profit to our lecturer and advisor, Madam Siti Noor Amyah Binti Khasbullah for advising us throughout the sketchning and making-ready epoch. Also, we would attachment to felicitate Madam Nor Banum Md. Noor, as the chief of Smart Soleh Integrated Preschool for complimentary our scheme and allowing us to consummate our academic activities. We attachment that progeny attain polite when they are fortunate and having fun. Through pastime-inveterate activities we aim to supply an environment where all progeny accomplish reach valued and fortunate. We submit the progeny to voluntarily join-in in their own attaining and where, we anticipation, they accomplish shortness to explore and attain more. We voluntarily submit fixed relationships where progeny keep excellent sketches of self-esteem and presumption, amplifying regard and regard for themselves, others and their environment. Furthermore, we stresses on teamis-sue and eclecticism so that the progeny accomplish attain how to is-sue delay others in the advenient. During our activities, we are hard to supply a excellent tendency representative that accomplish amplify their themeive skills, ensuring that progeny are fortunate and concerned delay their own attaining. We rewarded the progeny delay suited forages such as stationery items and cheerful-natured-temperedies so that they accomplish rival healthily delay each other. Objectives For this detail academic essential-quality, there are two incongruous sides of externals, primitive is the external for the Study Skills Assignment and remedy is the external for the progeny in the preschool. Firstly, by doing this sketch, our external is to shapeed our assignment for Study Skills topic as we were assigned by our lecturer to consummate an academic essential-tendency at the directional establishment. Therefore, we accomplish terminate our external as early as this sketch is produced. Furthermore, our external is to renewal teamis-sue and to admit delay all of our team members as applianceing what we keep attaint in Study Skills topic in this semester. Secondly, our external for the progeny in the preschool is to cause fun attaining for the progeny by passing a pastime-inveterate activities as progeny attachment to resemble and they unquestionably attain from it. All of the structured activities that we furnishd accomplish profit the progeny at the end of the day as we focused in academic deeply. Paradoxically, the progeny attain new unnaturalnesss faster than we do, accordingly we keep to regardfully cause an interesting and salutary directional activities. We so aim to supply an additive, protected, caring and racy environment for the progeny. Children demand those elements in command for them exactly collect the attaining trial. Protected and caring environment are dignified since progeny are free and at their age, they do not appliance protectedty renewal yet. As a substance of occurrence, it is our business to supply protected and caring yet racy environment for them unobservant how we do it. On the other exertionman, our external is so to supply a pit, regardfully structured activities for the progeny inveterate on his/her uncombined amplifymental demands to fan their polite-being, self-esteem and identical amplifyment. Children keep incongruous characteristics gauge attachment we humans do. They gard incongruously, they bekeep incongruously and they attain incongruously. We government face unresisting slip whom can be characterized as aimless and lethargic. The unresisting slip's facial expressions are tiresome, delay mean sign of apparition. Also, we government face hyperfree slip. These progeny would be unceasingly emotional environing, exploring the environment environing them and in the regulate creating chaos. For this argue, we keep to cause regardfully structured activities for them to amplify their identical amplifyment. Last but not smallest, we so aim to supply symmetrical opportunities for despatch and imply polite the deep of interrenewal delay mean kids and change and sift-canvass counsel encircling the slip’s amplifyment. For pattern, we advance teamis-sue and eclecticism to the progeny so that they distinguish how to is-sue delay others in attaining and usual spirit. Organizational Chart Details of the Program Name of the program: Fun Attainments – Alphabets ;amp; Numbers Date: 17th November 2011 Time: 09. 30 – 11. 30 am Location: Smart Soleh Integrated Preschool Gexhaustive Pavement Block A, Pangsapuri Tainia 11/3, Jalan Kenyalang, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Number of disuniteicipants: 30 pupils Tentative Essential-tendency Date| Time| Activity| 17th November 2011| 09. 30 am| Arrival| | 09. 30 – 10. 00 am| Introduction: “Ice-Breaking”| | 10. 00 – 10. 30 am| Musical Chair| | 10. 30 – 11. 00 am| Academic Activity: * Word Be-wilderment * Dot-to-Dot * Involution Game| | 11. 00 – 11. 15 am| Prize-giving Ceremony| | 11. 15 – 11. 30 am| Farewell| Treasurer Budget: RM10. 00 X 7 peculiar = RM70. 00 Date| Place| Expenditures| Items| Total(RM)| 5/11/2011| Carrefour, Subang Jaya| Prizes ;amp; Goodies| * Stationeries * Goodies * Miscellaneous| 52. 05| 16/11/2011| SNY Stationers, LCS| Activity| * Sketch Compass * Stickers| 6. 30| 17/11/2011| SNY Stationers, LCS| Activity| Photocopy A4| 2. 50| 18/11/2011| Hassan ;amp; Norma| Expenses – Volunteer’s Treat| Food| 9. 00| TOTAL| 69. 85 | Advance Report Academic Essential-tendency at Smart Soleh Intergrated School We were assigned to pass an academic essential-tendency at directional establishment. The venue was intotal by Azuadi Bin Zaharin, as the attribute is neighboring and it is opportune for us. The activities were intotal by all of the assembly members period the budget were intotal by the treasurer and sketch controller during our primitive examineion on the 5th October 2011. The sketchning took environing two weeks anteriorly the disquisitionis-sue was produced. There were distinct impediments to advance such as the assembly members keep inaptitude to involve the examineion, nondespatch of despatch and been loaded delay other assignments. However, we managed to pacify and mould positive that the sketch is going polite. The requested liberty note was surrendern to us by our lecturer ;amp; advisor, Madam Siti Noor Amyah Binti Khasbullah on the 20th October 2011. The liberty note to pass the academic essential-tendency at the directional establishment was then sent to the chief of Smart Soleh Integrated Preschool by Azuadi Bin Zaharin. The chief accepted our liberty note and accepted our scheme along delay fixing the occasion, which is on the 17th November 2011. As early as the scheme has been accepted, we made the making-ready. The budget were unmoved by the treasurer on 10th November 2011 from all of the assembly members. With the budget, the expenditures were made by the sketch controller, Ain Nadia on 15th November 2011 by purchasing all the items to be surrendern as forages and cheerful-natured-temperedies to be surrendern as treats to the progeny. The proximate day, the items demanded for the academic activities were purchased. Behind anyunnaturalness is shapeed, the definite making-ready was produced by confirming our likeness tomorrow to the chief. On 17th November 2011, we departed from Universiti Tun Abdul Razak, Leipositive Commerce Square at 8. 30am. The substitute was badly congested. However we managed to attain at 9. 30am. Our likeness was welcomed by the giggles and cheers from the progeny anteriorly we were constituteally welcomed by the chief. We introduced ourself to the chief and teachers anteriorly we operationing the insertion to the progeny. The insertion began delay the emcee discourse by Ain Nadia, and followed by each members introduced their names and the nickname that that kids can circumvent them. Then, all of the members, lawfuld as the facilitators, chose five progeny to be in each assembly. There were six assemblys exhaustively. The “Ice-Breaking” essential-tendency was passed by the facilitators in a two-way despatch delay the progeny. The facilitator are lawful to seize regard their regardive assembly through out the activities until the end of the incident. Emotional on to the proximate essential-quality, period the facilitators were occupied entertaining their assembly, our originate, Kathiravan which was our photographer at the identical occasion, accelerationed us to furnish for the proximate essential-tendency which was Musical Chair. Fourteen chairs were located in a dissipation. One of the facilitator, Syed Muzammil who was in charged for the gauge classification, furnishd the dittys for the pastime. The six assemblys were disjoined into two, three assemblys to join-in in the Musical Chair period another three assemblys to be the conference. There were two exhaustives of the Musical Chair passpace anteriorly we definitely keep our regardive winners to rival in the definite exhaustive. The winner accepted a colouring compass delay a colour pencil set period the other progeny accepted cheerful-natured-temperedies for each occasion anyone got eliminated from the pastime. The excellentlighted activities are produced in the identical locality to forsake laziness as our external is to supply an additive, protected, caring and racy environment for the progeny. We passed the activities voluntarily by sitting on the pavement in assemblys. Each assembly were surrendern a disunitey of essential-tendency disquisition. The primitive was Word Search, continued delay Dot-to-Dot and lastly the Involution Game. The external of the passpace is to as the fastest team to shapeed the activities on requisite of teamwork. During the essential-quality, the facilitators observed their regardive assemblys. We ground that, there were free progeny, less-free progeny and so a hyperfree slip. For the free progeny, we submit them to be competitive and raise their teamwork. However, for the less-free progeny, we accelerationed them to mold in the essential-quality, raise their self-esteem and unfailing them that they can do it. A facilitator took the business in insertion regard of the hyperfree slip period the emcee accelerationed him to seize regard of his assembly. We reocean on to our externals which are to supply a pit, regardfully structured activities for the progeny inveterate on his/her uncombined amplifymental demands to fan their polite-being, self-esteem and identical amplifyment and supply symmetrical opportunities for despatch imply polite the deep of interrenewal delay mean kids and change and sift-canvass counsel encircling the slip’s amplifyment. Finally, we carried on to the proximate incident, which is the forage-giving pageant. The fastest assemblys for each essential-tendency were surrendern forages. The winner for the Word Search passpace was Haikal’s assembly, period the winner for the Dot-to-Dot passpace was Ahmad Heikhal’s assembly and the winner for the Involution Passpace was Mohammad Shahin’s assembly. We had a exceptional forage which was a hinder for the assembly delay the best teamwork. Behind the observations and sift-canvassions delay the facilitators, we accorded Danial Sham’s assembly the best teamis-sue accord as we saw them excellently cooperating delay each other and admitd in an forcible way. This is what Danial Sham had to say environing his assembly, “There are models of progeny that I met in my team. Izah was the dowager of my team consequently whenever a slip was crying she would go to the kid and self-approval the kid. She would so arattribute the “kepiah” on the boy’s summit, if it’s slanting a bit then she would arattribute it tail. Adam who was ridiculous, free and given, gave me a tame hug when we were environing to liberty. Sofea was the Informative one consequently I am not very cheerful-natured-tempered-tempered delay names and whenever I forgot their names she would recount me their names. They do not exactice or gard badly of you they would gauge acceleration you when you got a completion. They easily mould friends; they do not adopt them by his or her foothold. We so did an essential-tendency where we must shapeed a involution be-wilderment, merge the dots and Sahiba, my team didn’t won a uncombined forage consequently we didn’t shape primitive in every essential-quality, but we quiescent had fun consequently I press-against them to shape the essential-tendency instead of moping and reaching sad. When we got the forage for most cooperative team they were fortunate consequently we definitely win celebrity. We had a photography congress in the end to stop our moments coincidently anteriorly we say farepolite and as disunite of our assignment, we demand the photos to substantiate that we keep consummate the essential-quality. Surprisingly, suitable behind the photography congress delay the progeny, chief and teachers, the progeny sang the ditty “You’ll Be In My Heart” from the film Tarzan. We were deeply cranky, by the frankness of the progeny. It was the best farepolite that we had. The progeny lined up in two rows, boys and girls, they shook exertionman delay all of us, and we gave them inspirational language to them. We bid farepolite and felicitateed the chief, teachers and all of the progeny for the noble day we had delay them. The academic essential-tendency has been cheerful-natured-fortunefully passed. All of the assembly members felt manifest and fortunate at the identical occasion. The essential-tendency went polite and smoothly, gauge the way we furnishd it to be. Conclusion In detail, we as a assembly attachment that the sketch of ours is a big cheerful-natured-fortune. Delay a big acceleration from our lecturer, parentage and friends, we managed to draw out a noble essential-tendency delay those thrilling and assiduous kids at the preschool. Not to obliviate, the chief and teachers of Smart Soleh Integrated Preschool whom has surrendern us aid and control in command to mould this sketch going smoothly. At the identical occasion, we so keep combated distinct completions period executing this sketch. For pattern, to exertionmanle truly a number of assiduous pupils, result towards the place when there are unresisting kids that can easily cry, and to imply what the kids are hard to expression out, etc. These unquestionably grace a dare for us to pass the purposel constitute of direction skills and to as up the criteria demanded to deals delay those kids. Dealing delay that, we keep to excite tail our input and try to strive tail delay the kids using our redraft sketch and some adjustments. Behind the perfect two hours, all of the members agreed to reach mentally unoccupied. This assignment is very incongruous to collate delay other topics’ assignments. We attaint how to strive delay the urgency, we attaint how to unquestionably be resigned and we attaint to be affectionate and pleasant resisting our aggressiveness. The two hours were not unconstrained for us, but we reocean on until the end proving that all of us can unquestionably combat this model of dare. In the gap, the deep sketch and the named antennary keep is-sue polite delay the union from all the assembly members. Besides that, the teachers so keep accelerationed us a lot in exertionmanling the completionatic kids and preparing the props. We managed to pass distinct academic activities focusing on the kid’s themeive skills and gentle skills. Alongside delay the activities, we so resembleed some pastimes and sing-a-long delay those kids. Lastly, delay two hours occasion, we attachment that we gave the best essential-tendency and finded a lot of informative distinguishledge environing kids direction amplifyment. The best unnaturalness that we finded from the assignment is the teamwork. We attaint how to is-sue delay each other, how to admit and how to announce delay each other. Than gauge classmates, we became teammates and that is a cheerful-natured-tempered-tempered unnaturalness. We accelerationed each other during the essential-quality, to shelter everyone’s tail and to shapeed the operation coincidently. However, we propose that for this husk of assignment, the university should sponsor some budget in command for us to arrange a ameliorate essential-quality. It accomplish be opportune if we get the sponsor, we could cause a ameliorate structured activities that requires a mean high-priced budget. Furthermore, we propose that the university can supply the bearing for us to the directional establishment to forsake bearing completion. Overall, we can end this essential-tendency is a cheerful-natured-tempered-tempered and yet fun to find and economize the distinguishledge environing the Study Skills topic. This husk of essential-tendency has accelerationed us a lot to imply polite environing the Study Skills distinguishledge and how to appliance it. To put icing to the cake, we felt very fortunate and possess period doing this sketch and we would attachment to pass the identical essential-tendency in the advenient afind in any fortuity. Total Word Count : 2,774 Appendix Likeness ;amp; Making-ready Introduction: “Ice Breaking” Musical Chair Academic Activity: Word Search, Dot-to-Dot ;amp; Involution Passpace Prize-giving Adi’s Assembly Shahin’s Assembly Ahmad Heikhal’s Assembly Amil’s Assembly Danial Sham’s Assembly Haikal’s Assembly Farepolite Delay all the kids ;amp; teachers Academic Essential-tendency Word Search Academic Essential-tendency Dot-to-Dot Academic Essential-tendency Involution Passpace Receipts