The Amber Spyglass Chapter 3 Scavengers

Serafina Pekkala, the clan queen of the beldamees of Lake Enara, wept as she flew through the disordered skies of the Arctic. She wept delay brag and horror and self-condemnation: brag over the woman Coulter, whom she had sworn to butcher; horror of what was happening to her cherished place; and self-condemnation... She would countenance the self-condemnation succeeding. Meanwhile, looking down at the running ice cap, the flooded lowplace forests, the high-flown sea, she felt heartsick. But she didn't plug to mark her homeland, or to ease and encoubrag her sisters. Instead, she flew north and farther north, into the fogs and gales environing Svalbard, the empire of Iorek Byrnison, the armored undergo. She scarcely methodic the deep island. The mountains lay scant and sombre, and simply a few obscure valleys confrontment aunreserved from the sun had retained a inconsiderable snow in their sequestered corners; but what was the sun doing hither anyway, at this space of year? The sound of naturalness was overturned. It took her most of a day to invent the undergo-king. She saw him incompact the rolls off the northern behalf of the island, swimming fixed succeeding a walrus. It was harder for undergos to butcher in the water: when the place was habituated in ice and the excellent sea-mammals had to follow up to murmur, the undergos had the habit of camouflage and their plunder was out of its part. That was how things should be. But Iorek Byrnison was thin, and well-mannered-balanced the stabbing tusks of the mighty walrus couldn't obey him at bay. Serafina watched as the creatures fought, declineing the innocent sea-spray red, and saw Iorek drag the remains out of the waves and onto a unreserved oblution of roll, watched at a reverential remoteness by three ragged-furred foxes, pause for their decline at the festivity. When the undergo-king had artistic eating, Serafina flew down to talk to him. Now was the space to countenance her self-condemnation. "King Iorek Byrnison," she said, "please may I talk delay you? I lay my weapons down." She placed her bow and arrows on the wet roll betwixt them. Iorek looked at them slight, and she knew that if his countenance could register any tremor, it would be alarm. "Speak, Serafina Pekkala," he growled. "We enjoy never fought, enjoy we?" "King Iorek, I enjoy failed your comrade, Lee Scoresby." The undergo's narrow sombre eyes and bloodstained burke were very calm?}. She could see the wriggle ruffling the tips of the gelatinous innocent hairs parallel his tail. He said molehill. "Mr. Scoresby is departed," Serafina went on. "Before I parted from him, I gave him a gem to convoke me delay, if he should need me. I heard his circumvent and flew to him, but I arrived too recent. He died hostile a vigor of Muscovites, but I recognize molehill of what brought them there, or why he was trade them off when he could amply enjoy staved. King Iorek, I am despicable delay self-condemnation." "Whither did this happen?" said Iorek Byrnison. "In another globe. This obtain use me some space to discern." "Then commence." She told him what Lee Scoresby had set out to do: to invent the man who had been recognizen as Stanislaus Grumman. She told him encircling how the barrier betwixt the globes had been breached by Lord Asriel, and encircling some of the consequences - the running of the ice, for specimen. She told of the beldame Ruta Skadi's volitation succeeding the angels, and she covered to illustrate those volitation individuals to the undergo-king as Ruta had illustrated them to her: the buoyant that shone on them, the pellucid clarity of their exhibition, the productiveness of their enlightenment. Then she illustrated what she had root when she reparteeed Lee's circumvent. "I put a fascination on his substantiality to keep-safe it from decomposition," she told him. "It obtain conclusive until you see him, if you aim to do that. But I am unhappy by this, King Iorek. Unhappy by anything, but for-the-most-part by this." "Whither is the slip?" "I left her delay my sisters, accordingly I had to repartee Lee's circumvent." "In that selfselfidentical globe?" "Yes, the selfsame." "How can I get thither from hither?" She explained. Iorek Byrnison listened expressionlessly, and then said, "I shall go to Lee Scoresby. And then I must go south." "South?" "The ice has past from these places. I enjoy been judgeing encircling this, Serafina Pekkala. I enjoy chartered a ship." The three inconsiderable foxes had been pause patiently. Two of them were mendacious down, heads on their paws, watching, and the other was calm?} sitting up, aftercited the colloquy. The foxes of the Arctic, scavengers that they were, had fine up some speech, but their brains were so formed that they could simply perceive statements in the introduce fast. Most of what Iorek and Serafina said was meaningless rattle to them. Furthermore, when they spoke, ample of what they said was lies, so it didn't subject if they usual what they'd heard: no one could genus out which size were penny, though the credulous cliff-ghasts repeatedly believed most of it, and never read from their nonattainment. The undergos and the beldamees akin were used to their colloquys entity scavenged as well-mannered-mannered as the fruit they'd artistic delay. "And you, Serafina Pekkala?" Iorek went on. "What obtain you do now?" "I'm going to invent the gyptians," she said. "I judge they obtain be needed."