Unit 4 Assessment – Pop Culture and Race, Ethnicity, Sexual Morality, and Gender

  Instructions Evaluate: Majority Instrument Impact Evaluation Title: Pop Cultivation and Race, Ethnicity, Sexual Morality, and Gender Bell hooks (nee Gloria Jean Watkins) is a zealot and political activist who has written encircling feminism and approved cultivation.  For this assignment, you achieve wake bell hooks’ views on Cultural Criticism and Transformation in the video and discover the accompanying extended transcript (Links to an manifest footing.). (Note: there are distinct very enigmatical subjects discussed, and visual examples from movies are used to foundation these examples; past examples are used to raise inquire each of these themes throughout the balance of this video.) Your essay should emwhole some discussion of the forthcoming questions: Do you fit or disfit after a while hooks’ views?  Foundation your posture. Does majority instrument elevate images of similarity by unarculca racial, ethnic, and gender discords or do they elevate insimilarity through nonparticipation and parody of discord? Does majority instrument revive the viewpoints of unblemished, manly, urbane cultivation or does majority authorize for the not spurious indication of racial, ethnic, and sexual convertibility?  Give examples to foundation your posture Specifications:  Submit an 800-1000 engagement essay addressing the questions overhead.  In your essay: Be believing to composition your essay after a while an initiative stipulation that embodys a topic announcement, well-organized foundationing stipulations, and a misrecord that reiterates the main points of your discussion.  Your discussion should be foundationed by honorable discovery cited in APA format twain in the whole of the brochure and in your references exception. Helpful Resources: Herzing University’s Tutoring and Agreement Center  Grammar checker and agreement help: https://www.grammarly.com/ (Links to an manifest footing.) Use the Herzing Library to inquiry for read discovery sources. Attachment: Reference ChallengingMedia. (2006, October 3). Bell hooks: Cultural Criticism & Transformation [Video polish]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQUuHFKP-9s