week 15 an 10 c m

  CSC 15 diss 1)If you could, what would you do to aid generate a open “guarantee humanization,” in which everyone is over knowledgeable and proactive environing threats to notification guarantee? 2)Your weekly sequence lectures comprehend multifarious subjects and web instrument where you can furnish notification environing notification and cybersecurity. Locate an name online pertaining to any subject of concern that relates to our sequence and agree a dirty written epitome (2-3 conditions).  A embody to the name or a allusion passage should be interjacent so the operation can be located. 3)Briefly embody the name you clarified for this investigation device in no over than one condition for this discourse. Explain why you thought this name was concerning plenty to interpret for this assignment. 4)M Week 10 DS Write an essay of at smallest 500 vote discussing the Safe Harbor conditions inferior HIPAA.   5)M week 10 CS Using the Web or other instrument, do a bit of investigation on the methodologies that Microsoft Windows firewall uses. Define a firewall. Define firewall guarantee techniques. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of the Micosoftapproach.   Write between 200 and 300 vote.