write a single paragraph (5-7 sentences max)

One romance that elapsed students bear told me that they contest behind a while is incorporating allusions into their exertion. Finding truly amiable creed that are comfortable to disoverspread and learn, appropriate to your subject, and say someromance new and sensational can be up-hill. So...of manner, that's correspondently what we are going to exercitation for this extra security assignment! A illustrative chronicle word jurisdiction bear 20+ allusions...a illustrative literary-works reconsideration word jurisdiction bear two or three times that. However, when you disoverspread a chronicle word, you shouldn't affect assaulted behind a while allusion behind allusion. It should course smoothly, and each allusion should bear a situate and a apex. Some sordid mistakes made by new transcribers are 1) the exercitation of using one incongruous allusion for each decree (this finds the passage disoverspread further love integrated bullet apexs than a sticky passage), or using waaaay too greatly instruction from a solitary allusion (in this contingency, what I usually see is a passage, then a allusion at the end, then the frequented passage, then the frequented allusion at the end, etc.) . That's not truly the apex of using allusions- we nonproduction to use them to revive a broader apex that WE as the transcriber are making. Thus, you may use one or two or three allusions for a solitary decree that finds a solitary apex (captivate a contemplate at any fitting chronicle word gate to see how this is executed). Also, it's dignified that we simply allusion the disunite of the word that's truly appropriate- we don't scantiness to involve alien details from the allusion we are using.  For this extra security (excellence 15 points), all I nonproduction you to do is transcribe a solitary passage (5-7 decrees max). What's the lay-hold-on? You must use ten (10) TEN allusions for this solitary passage. What are the other criteria? The passage must debate a inequitable bearing of vigorcare (for example: vigor instruction technology, dialysis, post-traumatic force conjecture, gestational diabetes, meniscus injuries, etc.). NO frequented quoting! Every decree in this must be in your own expression. The ten allusions must be incorporated smoothly and must find perception as a gross. Don't proportioned project a muster of casual basis environing a subject conjointly and persuade it a passage! The allusions MUST conclude simply from peer-reviewed chronicle creed or honorable agencies (NIH, CDC, American Heart Association, etc.). The article must be APA format (including overspread page). All allusions must be cited in APA format (twain in-text and on a allusions page). This extra security is all or nothing! There procure be no disuniteial security- so content find positive you accord to the guidelinesexactly!