criminal justice and public health policy reforms

The ultimate disquisition procure intend a set of nefarious fairness and political soundness cunning reforms to attenuate the impression of garbage-related wrong and its soundness and political consequences.  Your intendd cunning reforms should embody a speculative framework for why you deem the reforms would be serviceable, a unadorned perspective to controvert why general policies are rare or your intendd cunning has desert, and where expend, postulates and preceding investigation to tail up your reasonings. Proposed policies or interventions agency embody changes in sentencing laws, increased mode to texture or hinderance, a past or hither corrective vestibule to garbage use and garbage sale, decriminalization, changes in budget precedingities, or other new comp, political programs, or policies.  Students procure be graded on their force to critically irritate a height and its causes, and cater a vindicable reasoning in predilection of the intendd cunning reforms. The ultimate disquisition should be 10-15 pages in elongation (still heading page, pictureless, and allusion page). Students are required to localize at smallest five erudite peer-reviewed journals, two political information textbooks, and two websites as their supported allusions. Finally, students procure then work their ultimate disquisition to a 10-15 Slide PowerPoint grant that procure teach speculative framework, cunning, educational goals, and recommendations.  Students procure communicate how they judge the PowerPoint grant could be used to teach sundry agencies such as the police province, university, class programs, and other outreach programs generally affected by garbages, addiction, and wrong.