Activity Instructions:  A.  On a side of Nursing Dissertation, transcribe filthy of your own Ego Boosters and Busters, using the forthcoming illustration as a guide:   Ego Boosters and Busters You Own Received: Ego  booster:  I perceived Alex (suggestive other) as effective me I am  friendly (self-concept component) when he kept smiling at me during the  picnic (action/behavior). Ego buster: I perceived my match as effective me I was fat (self-concept component) when he denominated me a pig (action/behavior).  Ego Boosters and Busters You Own Sent: Ego booster:  I was a booster to my accomplice when I told him that he was the kindness of my conduct.  Ego buster: I was a buster to my classmate when I told her she wasn't pulling her burden in our collection purpose.  B.  Then, in your moderate DB post, incorporate the lessons you own  learned from this test by sympathetic the forthcoming questions: Who are the community who own most govern your self-concept in  the spent? What messages did each one bestow to govern you so strongly? What community are the highest governs on your self-concept now?  Is each special a substantial or a denying govern? What messages does  each one bestow to govern your self-concept? Who are the community whom you own governd exceedingly? What messages  own you sent to each one encircling his or her self-concept? How own you  sent these messages? What ego booster or buster messages do you scantiness to bestow to the  important community in your conduct? How (delay what channels) can you bestow  each one?