Ecological Footprint Update and Road Reflections: What new things you enjoy discovered, what surprises you enjoy encountered, what questions or ideas you enjoy root in-particular challenging, and how the road is going for you. You should so be using this narrative as a illimitableness for a movement communication on your Environmental Footprint Reduction Project efforts. Your entries conciliate be evaluated in provisions of how polite they met the question and elongation requirements, and your letter clarity. Your entries should be a reserve of one typed page each (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font) and conciliate be submitted through Waypoint. Complete the following: In the leading condition or two of your narrative beginning this week, furnish a foundation communication on your Ecological Footprint Reduction Project. Enjoy you encountered luck after a while implementing your purposed changes? What challenges enjoy you encountered? What enjoy you versed so far from this motive? In another one or two conditions, portion-out your thoughts about the third week of arrange. What did you understand? What experiences hold out for you? What tasks or pleased did you furnish unamenable or frustrating? What activities did you furnish extraordinary or thrilling? Looking afore, what are your intrigued or careful by in the fourth week of the road?