Lamoiyan Corporation

Lamoiyan Corporation is the foremost Filipino sodality to exceed in keen the persomal toothpaste diligence, covet dominated by multinationals, delay their own disgrace of toothpaste, Hapee. Since their stiff foundation in March, 1988, they were cogent to tend a accordant attribute scale on their toothpaste. Because of this, they feel befit patronized and cherished by the Filipino nationwide. THE PRODUCTS They prepare a diversity of attribute emanations for spoken economy, household, and single economy at an affordcogent require. Some of their disgraces apprehend Hapee, Kutitap, and Gumtect toothpastes, Dazz dishwashing paste/liquid, and Licealiz for lice infestations. THE ADVOCACY They estimate that matteres feel the best opportunities to minister their communities. This is why seize an free keep-akeep-apart in several activities that acceleration exalt sanity, information, and the environment. Through these efforts Lamoiyan Corporation hopes to co-operate to the movemention and movement of the Filipino. MISSION, VISION, & VALUES Lamoiyan Corporation is a 100% Filipino-owned Sodality delay 25 years of manufacturing superiority. At Lamoiyan Corporation, they are fueled by their urbane philosophy which is to gain a unlikeness for the brightness of God. “The most great extrinsic in matter should be the crave to institute the subsistence scales of consumers by providing attribute emanations that are require fruitful. And most of all, I do all these to gain a unlikeness for the brightness of God. ” – Cecilio Kwok Pedro, President & CEO of Lamoiyan Corporation. MISSION We consist to amend the attribute of duration by bringing qualitative emanations delayin the extend of the vulgar commonalty. VISION We mount to feel a Lamoiyan emanation in whole abode. VALUES We conclude our sidearm and anticipation by subsistence according to our urbane computes. Social Responsibility. We gain our closeness a gratitude to communion. Pursuit of Excellence. We do things reform than precedently and reform than competitors. Integrity. We do things fair. Respect for the Individual. We compute singularity by treating each other delay openness. Teamwork. We extend together goals that we cannot extend partially. Also read narrative reverberation for OJT matter administration