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, transcribe 250-350 articulation that corcorrespond to the forthcoming questions delay your thoughts, ideas, and comments. This conciliate be the ground for coming discussions by your classmates. Be palpable and absolved, and use examples to recover your ideas. How healthcare services are supposing is constantly changing.  While historically, conjunction departments (ED) was physically located delayin the hospital structure, the standalone Conjunction Department to-boot referred to as the Bountiful Be Conjunction Department (FSED) has beseem a new example for introduction of conjunction services delayin communities.   Consider yourself in the role of a consultant to a healthcare form, financial superintendent, or ED negotiative controller. You own been asked to afford the CEO and leadership delay pros and cons of establishing a Bountiful Be Conjunction Department.  You are assured of the information stories environing these types of facilities, and you conciliate nonproduction to re-examination The Washington Post designation at this  as you arrange your re-examination.   Include in your discussion:  Differences betwixt off campus conjunction departments (OCEDs) and dogged bountiful be conjunction centers (IFECs).  What would be the utility to the healthcare form of an OCED?  How would services supposing be reimbursed either by peculiar insurance or Medicare/Medicaid?  What are the utilitys or disadvantages to the sympathy of an FSED?  Would members of the sympathy benefit an OCED or an IFEC?  Why are most of the FSEDs located in Texas, Colorado and Ohio?  Based on your discovery and the information stories environing FSEDs, what would you advise to the CEO and Board of Directors? NOTE: Use at smallest two skilled references and refer-to using APA format.