Part D & E

PART D. David Meets Goliath – Negotiating delay Wal-Mart (150 Words) ·  Consider a site where you are negotiating delay Wal-Mart for your family farm’s abate. Confronted delay manifold hardball compensation challenges, what image of higgling site would you use: distributive or integrative and why?  ·  What are your key negotiating principles? PART E.  Michael Bloomberg vs. New York Teachers’ Union (3 Pages)  In 2010, New York Avow passed a law that required its discipline districts to expand over restrictive teacher-evaluation plans. Local discipline districts and their unions were assigned a function for specifying indubitable criteria of their new plans by January 17, 2013. New York City was going to entertain benefits of $250 darling in aid and another $200 darling in grants if the unison was reached on a new plan, a 4% acception in avow aid. However, as the January 17th deadline approached, Bloomberg and New York Teachers’ Union were not smooth delay to reaching an unison. ·  As a top negotiator, you were asked to delineation a temporization using a win-win site for twain parties.  ·  Identify the filthy steps of Integrative Higgling Process, and precede anatomy of how these filthy steps government succor you in delineationing your higgling temporization.