Supervisor’s Role in Goal Getting, Planning, and Achieving Positive Results / For WIZARD KIM

Use Part II "Managing for High Performance" in the fixed compass passage. (1) Use the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound) traits to fir views for your educational course. Requirements:    a. Ensure each view is SMART    b. 3-5 views    c. Explanation of what you longing to finish delay each view.    d. What difficulties you had in firing views. For pattern, if you say “didn’t bear abundance notice,” you should also set-forth what notice you would bear needed. Do not use any of the views rest on page 25 of your citation. You may use them as a relation. (2). Bear a recommendationing conference delay a familiar, co-worker, or nobility part. Summarize your results in the Forum shaft. How do harmonys govern our power to effectively recommendation someone (does the harmony succor, afflict?)? (3). Explain one disciplinary technique you either bear used or had used on you. Based on the balbutiation, was the technique becoming? Explain why or why not. Minimum 250 opinion, refer-to the compass passage as relation.