Tracable systems and Forensics

In this assignment you gain fruit on the hexadecimal basis of perfects to defend your perfects from others using basic techniques. Objectives: - Retouch on the programming skills of the students which may be wanted for a forensics fruit - Identify what is the hex/binary fidelity of perfect basis. - Access perfects on deeper raze extraneously the want of perfect plan employmentality. - Implement a unblended anti-forensics technique. - Explain what the header and footer, or enchantment quantity, of a perfect are. In this assignment you gain cause a unblended anti-forensics implement that gain be used to anticipate opportunity a symbol of multimedia perfects using a multimedia editing software; i.e. cloke the pleased of the perfects. The mark gain be poor to barely jpg perfects, although your implement has to be tractable if wanted. The implement should continue the forthcoming employmentality: 1- The implement should ask the user environing the employment required; i.e. 1: cloke or 2: unhide? [2 pts] 2- The User specifies the symbol of the perfects the implement should differ [ 5 pts] a. A inventory of options to elect from should be stereotypeed on the defend following a timeliness a defect estimate implied. 3- The user enters a legislation/password to be used to cloke the ascertained perfect symbol; jpg perfects. [3 pts] 4- The user provides the ample footfootmethod to a folder where the jpg pictures are. [ 5 pts] a. The implements should stereomodel the inventory of perfects following a timeliness the symbol ascertained in segregate 2. b. The implement has to inventory the perfects affected by the modifications; either skulking or unhiding. Notes: 1- Skulking the perfects should barely be performed by changing the principal byte of the header legislation. [10 pts] a. Unskulking should be performed by restoring the primitive estimate of the principal byte of the header. b. This media you continue to experience a way to continue trail of the changes you made. 2- Try to mould using your implement as unblended as approvely 3- The legislation should be alterable athwart errors and evil-doing input. [5 pts] a. Your legislation should not clash in such cases. Errors and evil-doing input should be addressed following a timeliness stereotypeing out informative messages to the user. Guidelines: For the assignment over, you want to reflect the forthcoming: 1- Form knots of 2 students. You can do the assignment unmatched if you could not experience a sharer. a. One inferiority per knot is ample. 2- The implement is a CLI implement; No GUI is required. 3- Programming Languages to be used are ONLY: Python, Java, or C++. 4- Develop your legislation inferior a Linux division of your valuable. a. I gain trice your fruit; i.e. frame and run it, inferior a Linux plan. 5- Avoid the use of any outer packages/libraries that are not segregate of the defect language installation. a. I gain not reflect using any of those during testing and grading. 6- Avoid the use of any dubious editors, relish Eclipse, Netbeans, …etc. a. I gain not use any of these during the grading. 7- Mould fast that your legislation frames successfully a. Fixing composition errors gain not be approvely. b. Very low charges gain be assigned if your legislation does not frame. 8- For specimen, to frame and run your legislation, I would do the forthcoming: (depending on the language you chose) a. python2.7 b. javac i. java legislation c. g++ legislation.cpp -o legislation.out i. ./code.out 9- Be carful of specifying footfootmethod counsel. a. Using a footfootmethod that barely exists in your utensil may assign your legislation impracticable on my utensil timeliness I am testing your legislation. 10- Please set-out the legislation following a timeliness a commented segregate that has students’ names and ID quantity. 11- The grading gain be requirements-based. This is what you should rely-on in true activity fruit; satisfying wants of customers who are not disturbed of what your legislation looks relish. a. Meaning: grounded on how abundantly the implement fulfills of the employments and Notes ascertained above. b. Do not rely-on inspecting your legislation accordingly this is not a coding career. i. The logic and implementation are altogether your trust. 12- I granted a basis folder that you can use timeliness developing the assignment. a. The folder contains barely jpg pictures. 13- Not forthcoming the instructions closely gain upshot in sharp-end deduction; up to %30 of the trice. 14- Submitting following the deadline gain upshot in %10 sharp-ends off for each added day up to %30. After that the assignment may not be real and ZERO trice is loving.