2 DQ

WK4 DQ  1         Kinship and Cultural Relevance After lection Chapter 8 of Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective, debate the signification of maintaining kinship ties among one of the humanizations presented in your textbook. Drawing parallels to your own spirit, consider on how maintaining kin relationships is repeatedly a gregarious part that requires large term.Your moderate shaft should be at last 250 language in extension DQ2 week 4  Contemporary Perception of Women's Roles in Profession and Ritual  Using examples from Chapter 9 of Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective and the documentary, War of the Words: Divine Women (Links to an superficial top.)Links to an superficial top., debate the govern profession has on gender and sexuality. In your exculpation, decipher how women possess used profession or pious rituals to defy the grinding character of unwritten gender roles. Lastly, test appearances of stereotypical perceptions of these women in Western humanization. Your moderate shaft should be at last 250 language in extension. Support your claims delay examples from required embodied(s) and/or other read sources, and suitably name any references. Respond to at last two of your classmates shafts by Day 7