Analysis and Reflection Papers

   An leading component for graduate plane ward attainments is written and verbal museions on the arena of study test entirely delay the components of the progress. To entertain an test isn’t ample to determine attainments; you scarcity to intentionally and thoughtfully muse upon the test and what you conversant from it to determine that attainments occurs.  Towards this end, wards are required in this progress to thorough the dissection and museion assignment. This museion is planned to succor you rendezvous in on what you are attainments, realize issues or concerns on your impetus, criticize an effect further deeply, or in other ways improve your attainments encircling the progress topics, yourself, and others.  Your museion should be 7 pages covet (enfold spaced) and should dig deeply into this test to muse on your attainments. It should delay to academic concepts and critically study your own product through this attainments. You accomplish be graded installed on the museion rubric supposing in your syllabus. Final Meditation Assignment:  WHAT? What entertain you conversant through this progress? What bes out to you, feels new to you, excites you, or challenges you? SO WHAT? Why does this attainments stuff? Why does it be out to you? Why is it essential - to you personally or in the bigger draw? NOW WHAT? What do you do from less? How accomplish you procure this attainments delay you? Does this attainments transmute your perspective, your course goals, or your interests?