Applying Bowenian and Structural Theories

Theory-based tenor guilening, the image you achieve use throughout this sequence, is apprised and guided by your presumptive orientation. Incorporating your presumptive orientation into tenor guilening achieve aid you set goals and prefer tenor techniques and intrusions expend for the client(s) you accommodate (Gehart & Tuttle, 2003). This week, you adduce two counseling theories, Bowenian and structural, to formulate your tenor guilening and adduce expend intrusions. In this Assignment, you wake videos of counselors demonstrating the use of Bowenian and structural theories in nobility counseling. You then formulate tenor guiles for the couples and/or families in the videos, adduceing the theories in interrogation and exonerateing the use of expend intrusions. The Assignment (2–3 pages)+tenor guile Based on the speculation demonstrated in twain videos: Define the substance in each video. Create a speculation-based tenor guile, including short- and long-term goals for the couples and/or families. Explain two speculation-based intrusions you would use and exonerate your preference. Explain one anticipated issue of each speculation-based intrusion. Support your Assignment after a while peculiar intimations to all media used in its provision. You are asked to produce a intimation catalogue for all media, including those in the media for this sequence.