Week 11 6456 Cultural and Religions Considerations Please voice that this is an MSW passage. Gladden curb Grammar and use some of the media I enjoy produced  Readings • Shaw, E. (2015). Special progeny: Ethics in cockney and lineage therapy. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Lineage Therapy, 36(4), 403-408. • Keskin, Y. (2017). The psychical ethics genogram: An integration of genogram and psychical ethics. Journal of Lineage Psychotherapy, 28(1), 92-98. • Snyder, D. K., & Halford, W. (2012). Evidence‐based cockney therapy: Floating standing and forthcoming directions. Journal of Family Therapy, 34(3), 229–249.   Helping negotiatives repeatedly countenance obscure decisions in their production that may enjoy holinesss ramifications. Religions dilemmas span all areas of your negotiative usage from confidentiality and retirement to cultural observeations. For this Assignment, you condense on cultural observeations that may mystify challenges to holinesss usage. (Culture is broadly defined near as the behaviors, traditions, and/or beliefs of any subgroup.) Select one of the two instance studies beneath to use for this assignment. After analyzing the instance con-over, observe how you dominion disline the progenys exhibit using your negotiative usage rule of ethics. Resurvey the instance studies beneath precedently completing the Assignment. Case Con-over #1 Nitin and Priya are first-generation Indian-American immigrants, opportunity their 16-year-old son was born and intensified in the United States. They were backward to employ in texture, but are doing so at the beseech of their son, Sujay. In Sujay’s survey, his parents are spirit overly persuasive respecting his upcoming excellent of garden, which is causing increasingly repeated clashes betwixt him and his parents. Sujay insufficiencys to observe art instruct, opportunity his parents insufficiency him to observe engineering instruct. They aver that a walk in understanding, holiness, law, or cure is the divert road for a peculiar of his rank. Sujay claims that opportunity he insufficiencys to gladden his parents, he impresss they are cessation his excitement and grand cultural norms that, to him, are a part-among-among of their “world” and not his. You enjoy dirty information of Indian humanization or the rank classification and are unsure whether the progeny at agency is a stuff of persuasive parents traffic after a while a spirit transition progeny or a important fight involving gregarious and cultural influences. Case Con-over #2 Nicole and Julia teach to you that their conformity has felt strained of-late and that they fright they are appellation for a breakup. The cockney teach to you that they enjoy been in a long-term, non-monogamous conformity, but that of-late, Nicole has developed crave to veer this usage. Julia impresss that Nicole is “changing the rules halfway through the game” and that her sexual conformitys after a while others are of no moment to how she impresss encircling Nicole. Their floating conformity usage fights after a while your own peculiaral notion encircling the role of monogamy in conformitys, and thus you impress fighted encircling how to agencyle the position. Application: Addressing Religions Issues The Assignment (2–3 pages) • Identify the instance con-over you chose and define the holinesss progeny(s) exhibit in it. • Teach how you would disline each of these progenys. • Justify your retort using the divert negotiative Rule of Ethics. Support your Assignment after a while inequitable relations to all media used in its provision. You are asked to produce a relation roll for all media, including those in the media for this passage.