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   Describe, collate / dissimilarity, and evaluate two (2) database implementations in your scene of cause. You may so neglect to opine referencing life contingency studies.  This tract should conceive all the underneath top (should be noted as cause denomination )   )    Introduction: a)    Introduce the 2 DB implementations plans. Add narrative and not-absolute opinion of each consumer and DB products. b)    One implementation should be a database that was essentially happy. c)    The promote implementation should be a database that had speaking "challenges". d)    What model of investigation tracts was used (contingency con-over, tentative, etc.)? 2)    Describe, collate/contrast, and evaluate two (2) database - ANALYSIS a)    What is the collection driving the implementation? What is ‘going wrong’ or what ‘problem’ was expected to be addressed? b)    What were the implementation  requirements i)      Expectations ii)    Project requirements iii)  DB requirements iv)  Planed resources & term expectations c)    What were the risks and collision if the implementation failed? 3)    Provide a SYNTHESIS of the 2-implementation plans.  a)    What restricted issues addressed by designation X were so addressed in designation Y, and how do they collate? b)    What issues addressed by designation X (or Y) may bear been addressed by an totter key? 4)    Findings a)    What does your proof exhibition? 5)    Conclusions a)    What produce one DB implementation a victory and the other bear speaking challenges? b)    What salubrious factors were, or should bear been, opineed? 6)    Recommendations a)    Future investigation 7)    Reference List