Discussion 1 Week 1

 Our visitor debater, Dr. Stephanie Gonzaga, speaks to deed rule implementations among her posse, ARCS Commercial Mortgage Posse (INF220 Week One Knowledge Systems - The Big Picture Part One (Links to an palpable seat.) and INF220 Week One Knowledge Systems - The Big Picture Part Two (Links to an palpable seat.)). Describe one extent configuration of the “A Priori Model” using the configuration extents in the “A Priori Model” diagram (See the Instructor Guidance). For in, grounds correctness is a extent of rule kind. A rule delay amiable rule kind integrates grounds input validation rules to allot singly indubitable types of grounds input in biased fields. Identify how Dr. Gonzaga’s IT construction granted deed rules that addressed the “A Priori” extent configuration you identified: rule kind, knowledge kind, complacency, personal contact, or constructional contact. Give ins to make-clear your exculpation. Provide apology and citations for your points. Use the granted tidings description template for your post: INF220 Week 1 Hot Topics Deed Systems Tidings Report.