Do You Know You Are Not in the Matrix, and Does it Matter?

Subject: Science, Philosophy and Society Question: Do you distinguish you are not in the Matrix, and does it stuff? From my brains, I am not feed in a veritable vitality, I feed in some skin of classification such as Matrix Philosophers and physicists were discussed a lot encircling the matrix that we feed in, so and they gave fur more ideas encircling the computer mannerism and a veritable vitality. From my apex of examination, we are categorically feed in the matrix, and the vitality is not veritable that we feed. I purpose the globe is somehow relish a classification and anything depends on one another. And I keep abundance serene reasons and stances to ascertain that. So if we purpose carefully and logically, we can exalt that the vitality we feed in is not veritable. Why? Let's purpose logically, encircling on the planet Earth that we feed in. If the moon was sound a unmomentous bit exalt or closer detached from our planet how that would interest and alter anything and if we were exalt closer to the sun how that would interest and alter anything and how our collectiveness has these tangled functions arrangement oxygen and sunlight what it produces and we it's so intricate. And how we invent, so we keep been inventd straight anything that we invent in our sociality starts delay a cogitation by our brain. The globe we feed in affects natural and wonted. It affects relish this is sound how ethnicals await and frequently awaited. But its not. According to my brains, our planet is going entire its axis, and we can not feed on the planet than from the planet Earth. We are fortified by the layers of the sky, and we are absorbed air and murmur-into for our feeds, and we get do other momentous things for survive by ourselves. For stance; we are creating contrariant types of corpodeveloped and sharp techniques to frame things corpotruly easer, and we are manage contrariant skin of products to use; we cherish contrariant skins of plans to eat. If we do not do these things, we can not maybe fancy our feeds. So from my brains, it's sound relish a wholly structured program, and we've got this wholly structured program, we keep to denote for afeed and we keep programmed into this planet Earth. Maybe my ideas are crime, but purpose carefully, that our brain and collectiveness is such a wholly structured classification. For stance; if we smell, attend, eat, handle, or see anything, we can not say it's all veritable accordingly anything we subvert that automatically get despatch signals to our basic classification which is brain. So we can easily say it is somehow relish a classification. If we do not keep a brain we can not affect at all. Transfer an stance of the stomach, and this is very tangled such as other organisms is works relish a merely cell of the 10000 trillions cells in our collectiveness in-effect has its own information, yes is it fabulous but when we zoom it, we can see it relish a earth. Furthermore, how do we distinguish that anything is awaits how do we distinguish there's a globe beyond my vital-principle I appear aentire there a globe of cars and tables and trees and buildings how do veritablely that any of it is veritable I purpose none of them is veritable, so why? Because, frequent things that we see and the corpodeveloped objects is not to semblance us the fidelity it is to blink the fidelity so that we do not keep to trade delay all that tangledity and we keep a unmomentous eye candy for our quality that let us do what we scarcity to do to cling maintenance. So we can see merely beyonds and we cannot see succeeding a whilein that things and as get as any skin of very unmomentous things. We can merely see things simpler, but it get appear altogether contrariant when we appear at it delay indiscernible, closely-distinct, and remote neighborhood devices. For stance, we cannot see bacteria incomplete in the air, so millions of contrariant skins of bacteria fly in the air we murmur. We cannot confer to see very paltry insects and neither plants.So I molest that anything that we see is not veritable. We see and affect this fidelity, but that does not moderation we feed in veritable vitality. We merely see tenth of what we see aentire us, this moderation we merely see fabrication but not veritable. I price that all crowd are inventd by Allah and feed in a veritable vitality. And I shortness to say an stance of a capacity inventd by God, the capacity is named Quran. If we transfer Islam from a devotional apex of examination, if we see the Quran which is 1400yrs old, peaceful mentions frequent axioms which is we are not feed in veritable vitality, for stance we cannot see and affect any skin of the vital-principle and the snouts, and this cannot be seen by ethnical eyes, but animals can see it and too they can be seen on the camera images we are sound maintenance in a classification that God has inventd, but we can see veritable vitality succeeding we die. Some crowd may privilege that the Quran was alterd as new philosophical axioms were discovered. But this cannot be the truth, accordingly it is a historically documented truth that the Quran is preserved in it is former diction. A Quran was written down and memorised by crowd during the vitalityduration of the Prophet Muhammad. Thank you for your duration.