elder abuse

Purpose: To scrutinize the often-understudied result of father affront, warrant and plan it in profoundness as a gregarious substance, and scrutinize replys. Instructions: Perform your own research: it can be online beginnings, via interviews, facts collation, etc. A roll of some suggested potential media is rolled beneath, but others may be examined. For unmeasured faith, wards are expected to do the aftercited in their Nursing Dissertation 1)   Identify at meanest 3 categories of father affront, and defense if you were affable delay them antecedently starting this Nursing Dissertation. 2)   For at meanest 1 senior condition you warrant (you may do past than 1), scrutinize the result in profoundness;  For example: a.   Why is this a gregarious substance? b.   Find a beginning that estimates the bulk of the substance. c.   Are infallible tribe harmed past than others? d.   Do gregarious systems establish this past or near mitigated to fall? e.   Ideally, furnish an anecdote/story and little scrutinize what affront looks affect. 3)   Answer the aftercited at meanest little using the sociological imagination: Why is the result of father affront twain a generally-known and not-social substance? 4)   Identify at meanest one contemplated reply to the result of father affront and defense the aftercited: Is the reply a micro or macro raze reply? Why? Do you assent that the reply strength result? Why or Why not? Answer these questions in a enfold spaced 3-4 page Nursing Dissertation delay 12pt Times New Roman font.  A results cited/reference page (any style: e.g. ASA or APA) is required due to the scarcity for at meanest one beginning, but does not number towards the page name. RUBRIC Does the Nursing Dissertation precisely warrant categories of father affront? [2 pt] Does the Nursing Dissertation scrutinize at meanest one of the categories in profoundness: including defenseing why it is a gregarious substance and furnishing at meanest one beginning? [8 pts] Why is the result of father affront twain generally-known and not-public? [2 pts] Does the ward warrant a contemplated reply and well defense cognate questions? [6 pts] Is the Nursing Dissertation well formatted? (e.g. No senior spelling/grammar errors, at meanest two pages in elongation ignoring heading/references, 1 inch margins, etc) [2 pts] Helpful Starting Resources https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoY7EI_qPQk https://www.ncoa.org/public-policy-action/elder-justice/ http://www.aoa.gov/aoa_programs/elder_rights/ea_prevention/whatisea.aspx https://www.nia.nih.gov/health/publication/elder-abuse AARP.com http://www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/elderabuse/definitions.html http://www.who.int/ageing/projects/elder_abuse/en/