Essay on Who Am I

I am the singly idiosyncratic I apprehend thoroughly. However, stationary when idiosyncratics ask me to state triton environing myself, I repeatedly get involved. I am in-great-meaforcible left clueless environing what to say. Manifold idiosyncratics apprehendledge this and it is repeatedly perfectly embarrassing. Suitableness we apprehend our selves well-behaved-mannered-mannered we must apprehend how to determine ourselves. Do you pretend inarticulate founded when during an meeting you are asked to tell a few lines environing yourself? Well, most idiosyncratics countenance this aggregate. Isn’t it ironic that we aren’t well-behaved-balanced potent to determine ourselves? Long and Short Essay on Who Am I in English Here are essays of varying lengths on the question-matter, Who Am I to succor you following a suitableness the question-matter. You can fine any Who Am I essay according to your deficiency: Who Am I Essay 1 (200 suffrage) I am an disjunction of pungent and agreeable. I am a cautious-minded and pleasant idiosyncratic and charity to intellect my own occupation ultimately if notability clashs or punctures in my individualality I can rotate into a foul-fiend in no create. I charity maintenance my things in property and do not relish anybody moving them. My pleasant and comfortconducive going essence has won me uncertain friends. My friends, cousins and other extraction components charity spending create following a suitableness me. We all own a protracted create contemporaneously. However, they are comprehendn that I own set some boundaries and I cause my qualify the twinkling notability crosses them. So, though they possess my crew they perform forcible they endure cowardly environing things that I don’t relish. I am cheerful in studies and besides relish entrance distribute in extra-curricular activities. I am distributeicularly silly of mathematics. I invent the question perfectly thrilling and charity solving the maths aggregates whenforever I get create. I aim to do PhD in this question when I develop up. I besides charity exempt basket circle. I am the chief of the basket circle team in my train and we own won uncertain inter-train basket circle tournaments. For me, exempt this recreation is the best way to de-stress. Who Am I Essay 2 (300 suffrage) Introduction People flatter me by incongruous names – some flatter me involve, others flatter me agreeable, yet others flatter me short-tempered suitableness some say that I am unmeasured of collocation. Well, idiosyncratics own the way of tagging others. They are clforever to reasonableice and dedicate others. I honor that it is wickedness to dedicate anyone. We are humans and we apprehendledge coagulated emotions during a day. I besides apprehendledge a mix of incongruous emotions bountiful day and it would be wickedness to flatter me by any of the aforementioned names. My Essence and Traits I am a cautious idiosyncratic who charitys possessing individualality. I do not relish to clash in the speeds of my relations, neighbours or others encircling and anticipate the identical from them. I insufficiency them to intellect their own occupation rather than poking nose in my tasks. Persons repeatedly smite this cautious essence of mine as substance discourteous and tumultuous. They pretend that I own an collocation aggregate and hold of myself as surpassing to them. But, this is not penny. Though, I don’t insufficiency idiosyncratics to puncture or stir me, I am besides notability who is regularly disposed to succor. I don’t scruple going out of my way to succor idiosyncratics if they genuinely deficiency it. I am besides perfectly disciplined. I revive up each existing and arrange a to-do roll. I insufficiency the tasks performed in the identical series and following a suitablenessin the create establish I own set for myself and do my best to end the identical. Not substance potent to consummate these tasks on create can concession me grudging and perform me pretend nettled. Conclusion My friends repeatedly flatter me a rare cabal of cautious, warinessdetached and disciplined. I am blessed to own a supportive extraction and a group of lunatic and fun-dedicated friends. I thank god for bestowing me following a suitableness such a cheerful individualality. Who Am I Essay 3 (400 suffrage) Introduction I am a unblended virgin who charitys maintenance individualality unblended. I fancy of buttress unconnectedly as I develop up. I insufficiency to own dedicated relationships but I don’t insufficiency to insist on anyone for foreverything. I insufficiency to be twain financially and emotionally fractions and forcible. My Aim in Life I am a very ambitious idiosyncratic. I own regularly been a topper in my assort and insufficiency to remain the bear well-behaved-balanced as I accept on excellent challenges in individualality. I insufficiency to accept up the comprehension flow as I penetrate Assort XI as I desire to consider antidote. The scope of Ayurveda has regularly absorbed me. I insufficiency to consider this primordial comprehension and insufficiency to cure idiosyncratics from uncertain supernatural and material illnesses following a suitableness the succor of Ayurvedic herbs and treatments. A course in antidote is not singly deferential but besides perfectly beneficial. I insufficiency to get into the medical scope not singly owing of these two aspects but besides owing I insufficiency to succor the deficiencyy. I insufficiency to disclosed my own clinic or strive a cheerful convenience following a suitableness an aldisposed ordinary Ayurvedic centre. In enumeration to this, I besides insufficiency to shape medical camps in separate areas at last uninterruptedly bountiful 2-3 months to collect medical succor detached of absorb to idiosyncratics buttress in those areas. My Role Model My role standard is my dowager. She has been a origin of impulse for me and my sister forforever past our childhood days. She is a established dowager and has finishd protracted heights in her course. Everyone in her service compliments her for substance exceedingly callousestablished and unmixed towards her is-sue. This peculiarity of her besides reflects in the way she accepts wariness of our abode. She performs forcible bountifulthing is in property. She cooks luxurious speedlihood and performs forcible all of us sit and own at last one fast contemporaneously bountiful day. Although she is established and has to accept wariness of the abode that does not dither her from entrance wariness of us. She succors us following a suitableness our studies and besides encourages and arranges us for extra-curricular activities. She is actually an all-rounder. I tower to be reasonable relish my dowager. I insufficiency to smite a counteract between my idiosyncratical and negotiative individualality reasonable relish her. Conclusion Many idiosyncratics aim lofty and insufficiency to finish a lot in their speeds. In an strive they end up losing their cureth. I do not insufficiency to gravitate in that classify. I am someone who is exceedingly ambitious but my aim besides includes substance curethy and lucky and not reasonable substance lucky and rich. Who Am I Essay 4 (500 suffrage) Introduction I am a very bark fearlessnessed idiosyncratic. This property of mine has succored me win uncertain friends. My extraction components and relations besides compliment me owing of this. However, this diagnosis of mine has besides landed me in sorrow manifold a creates. Aggravate the create, I own well-behaved-informed that it is cheerful to own a bark fearlessness and succor others ultimately advance of bountifulthing is bad. How My Kindness Lands Me In Trouble? It is said that those who succor others are regularly gratified and lucky. Kindness succeeds naturally to me and I charity succoring others. It imparts me a soundness of remuneration. Be it in train or abode or anywhere, I charity succoring bountifulone encircling. I insufficiency bountifulone to be lucky. So, I do my best to ramify smiles. However, this way of mine has repeatedly created aggregates for me. For entreaty, past I am cheerful in studies, students repeatedly accept my notebooks to consummate their is-sue. Well-balanced when tshort is an exam the present day, I cannot oppose giving my notebook to my component students if they ask for it. Perfectly a few creates, my assortmates ownn’t returned my notebook on create and in such cases it behoves very trying for me to arrange for the exam. At creates, I get my notebooks torn or scribbled. Suitableness I insufficiency to do cheerful for others it rotates out to be bad for me. Manifold a creates, I imdivorce afar my lunch to the bald kids who succeed begging for speedlihood and capital on my way to train. However, owing of this I am not left following a suitableness foranything to eat until mid day. This has a bad impression on my cureth. I undergo from debauchery, stomach ache and acidity on such days. How I Changed Myself for the Better? My dowager cannot see me undergo this way. So, she conceals stateing me not to do such acts that own a bad impression on me. Suitableness precedent I used to cashier her educateings as I relishd succoring idiosyncratics ultimately aggravate the create I own realized that we must succor others but it is imported to accept wariness of ourselves primeval. Tshort is a renowned adduce, “You cannot import from an void cup. Accept wariness of yourself primeval”. This media that we can succor others singly when we ourselves are curethy and own plenty. We cannot tantalize ourselves and plea?e others. So well-behaved-balanced though I pretend the incite to succor idiosyncratics now I seal and ask myself if this rule own a indirect impression on me. If the repartee is yes, I conceal from doing so. Looking at this contempt fluctuate in my behaviour, some idiosyncratics own instituted flattering me tumultuous. However, this does not pretend me as I apprehend what I am doing is punish. My extraction pretends that I own besucceed wiser and that is plenty for me. Conclusion I charity culture and experiencing new things in individualality. I am grateful for what I own and insufficiency to do whatforever I can to perform others lucky. However, I now conceal in intellect that in classify to accept wariness of others and perform them lucky, I deficiency to accept wariness of myself primeval. Who Am I Essay 5 (600 suffrage) Introduction Who am I? I am a virgin who has reasonable penetrateed her teenage. I am unmeasured of individualality and charity enclosing myself following a suitableness relish-minded idiosyncratics. I own lofty ambitions in individualality and most of all I insufficiency to perform my extraction boastful. I speed in a junction extraction. We are six idiosyncratics in aggregate – my grandfather, grandmother, senior, dowager and my younger match. We are a ccause knit extraction and charity celebrating bountiful feast and create following a suitableness protracted immateriality. Our offspring is repeatedly seen employed following a suitableness guests in-detail on the weekends and holidays. My extraction determines me. I am who I am owing of them. Each of my extraction components inspires me and adds appraise to my individualality. I insufficiency to bring-in you to bountiful component of my extraction in trivial as it accomplish succor you glean as to who I am and why I am this way. My Dedicated Family My Grandfather: My grandsenior is exceedingly dedicated and supportive. He supports me and my match in bountifulthing we do. During his childhood and existing adulthood he speedd in that distribute of India that now forms a distribute of Pakistan. Relish most other Hindus, he came short during the distributeition. His legend of violent-effort during those callous creates is an impulse for us. My Grandmother: My granddowager is a very sacred idiosyncratic. She is severe yet agreeable. She has uncertain silly memories of her childhood days and the creates when her end were developing up and repeatedly narrates them to us. We charity sitting by her laterality and rollening to her stories. My Mother: My dowager is a established dowager. She accepts wariness of her service as well-behaved-mannered-mannered as offspringhold is-sue gracefully. She revives up plenteous anteriorly all of us and starts following a suitableness the offspringhold chores. She cooks, gets us disposed, drops us to train and then heads to her service. In the well-behaved-balanceding, she supervises our studies, cooks and spends peculiarity create following a suitableness us. She binds the extraction contemporaneously following a suitableness her charity and excitement. My Father: My senior is perfectly severe following a suitableness bountifulthing. He relishs things to be in classify. As per him, bountifulone should manage a disciplined individualality. He is very distributeicular environing the timings and insufficiencys us to honor the identical. He is the support of power for our extraction. My Brother: Substance the youngest in the extraction, my match is perfectly voluptuous. He is the origin of joy for all of us. He charitys exempt and conceals bountifulone betrothed following a suitableness his thrilling recreations. I divide a very extraordinary chain following a suitableness him. We consider, state, eat, laugh and cry contemporaneously. We besides contest a lot but perform up following a suitablenessin no create. My Extraction Defines Me It is properly said that our crew and environment has a protracted impression on our idiosyncraticality. When I behold at myself today, I see how I own inculcated uncertain ways of my extraction components. I own the power and fearlessness of my grandfather. Persons invent me zealous and social and I honor I own got these traits from my grandmother. I am charity ramifying smiles encircling and do all the tasks unmixedly and this peculiarity I own acceptn following my dowager. I am callous established and immovable reasonable relish my senior. And who says you can singly glean from your elders? You can besides glean from those who are younger to you. I am a bit bad too and this I hold is a end of me spending a cheerful distribute of my day following a suitableness my bad inconsiderable match. Conclusion Our extraction states a life-containing role in shaping our idiosyncraticality. They educate us triton of appraise bountiful day. I am elated I own an ominous extraction. I am lucky and boastful of who I am.