Final Exam

Fresh Dog Treats is a newly exposed order that is convergenceing on catering to the bounty pet traffic.  Specifically, the order is creating gourmet/organic grain-free unfaded dog treats.  While these treats are common to some treats offered on the traffic currently by such companies as FreshPet, one of the biggest differences is the packaging access.  One of the limitations to FreshPet results is the result must be refrigerated in the supply, which limits the number and fictions of retailers that succeed annex the result.  Most supplys do not scantiness to put a compoknowing item in the intermediate of their pet livelihood aisle. Fresh Dog uses aseptic packaging that barely requires the result to be refrigerated succeeding commencement.  This succeed avow the result to be displayed in the natural pet aisle extraneously the requirement of the compoknowing item.  As the order progresses progressive after a while this result, there are various trafficing issues that entertain not been constant. Your undertaking is to befriend them in this resolution-making rule.  Please reply to the forthcoming resolution points for the order: a: Identify for this result a particular target traffic knot they should convergence on.  In your name of the target traffic, you to-boot deficiency to harangue where you estimate this knot of people would most mitigated alienation this fiction of dog treats. b: Succeeding careful the absorb of result sold, the order has solid that the absorb per 8 ounce bag of treats is approximately $2.97.  The order desires a 40 percent donation room on each package sold.  They to-boot distinguish that most wholesalers in this perseverance use a 32% mark-up and numerous retailers repress a 25% mark-up as well-behaved.  Following this deed and established simply on the calculations, what succeed be the compensation that the natural retailer succeed arraign for the result?  Reflecting on the subjective aspects of pricing and particular pricing temporization theories, what would your ultimate compensation advice be?  Support your apology.  How would the compensation disagree established on a compensation elasticity of 0.3? c: Design for the order an expend promotional war for this result established upon your forcible target traffic.  Be particular in your discourse.  Be knowing to harangue the bias of the stigma succeed entertain on this constituent of the trafficing temporization. d: Discuss how the aspects of differentiation and positioning succeed contact the apology of this result by the desired target traffic.  What must the order reflect in provisions of its results and the adversary results when entering the traffic? e: Create a slogan for the matter, close than 20 expression, which captures the life of the stigma. Explain your rationale for the slogan. Then parade how it should be incorporated after a whilein the stigma fiction and integrated trafficing message sketch.