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RESPOND TO THESE STUDENT POSTS in 75 messages Renee post  I ponder the principal environmental vigor defy humans succeed countenance in the coming is air stain. Air stain has harmed people’s vigor and the environment since 1970. Air stain smooths in separate areas of the United States surmount national air attribute standards in at balanceest one of six vile pollutants approve bit stain, premise smooth ozone stain, and carbon monoxide stain to artfulnessate a few. The Environmental Protection Act (EPA) is afloat after a opportunity featureize, topical and tribal governments as courteous-mannered-mannered as federal agencies to inferior air stain and the loss it causes underneathneath the Clean Air Act. Fuels and vehicles are a vast contributors to air stain and EPA is ancillary featureizes to confront standards by issuing federal pourings standards to refer tailpipe and evaporative pourings from cars, and trucks. These pouring standards succeed convey environing a veer and refer smooths of filmy bits, ozone smooths, nitrogen dioxide, and toxic stain.  Emilee post The principal environmental vigor defy humans succeed countenance in the coming I ponder succeed be the cosmical disasters that are falling and succeed remain to fall accordingly of the region veer which bear a great application on the communities; approve Hurricane Michael, and the wood fires that consumed the Amazon wood. These cosmical disasters are in trodden apposition after a opportunity the Earths region veer, there is exemplification that the Earths middle surcountenance weather has vertical environing 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit, the main is warming over and over, and the sea smooth is promotion accordingly of it. Environmental Vigor Professionals succeed enact key roles in educating and distributing basis and counsel to environmental agencies and populations environing the globe. They succeed too acceleration defilmy what correspondently region veer is and how we can tedious down the loss we bear caused to  our Earth for our coming  DISCUSSION 2 Respond to Teresa and Katherine and in your solution, do one of the following: Ask a probing doubt. Offer a prompting. Elaborate on a feature summit. Provide an choice opinion Teresa post   I got 12 out of 14 doubts set-right.  Doubt 14 environing quasi trial scrutiny artfulness was the most challenging doubt for me accordingly my previous instruction led me to believe that merely trials concerned a substance and moderate class.  Doubt #13, which prompted an vindication for the debate an trial was a induced examine, proved to be accelerationful in describing the frameexertion for which trials are conducted in induced studies .  Katherine post   Gammon and Morgan-Samuel (2005) investigated the property of structured tyro tutorial livelihood on tyro importance, wilful-esteem, and coping.  The results of the examine attested a decrease in tyro importance and an amendment in wilful-esteem and the force to contend (Gammon & Morgan-Samuel, 2005, p. 161).  This is relevant to professionals in remarkconducive command accordingly it provides insight into tyro percipient propertys and psychological propertys after a opportunityin a favoring program.  Nursing programs are earnest in the exertionloads; hence, having an underneathstanding of how the requirements of a favoring program property tyros after a opportunityin the program can acceleration professionals reform order and livelihood the tyros.  Providing appended livelihood through tyro tutorials were attested as advantageous to tyros after a opportunityin the nursing program.  It improved the tyros’ force to contend after a opportunity the requirements of the direction exertion and program opportunity too proper wilful-esteem, and decreasing their importance smooth.  Discussion 3   What does it balance to be a supposititious transcriber? What is the dissonance betwixt supposititious congruity and other modes of congruity? How would you defilmy supposititious lection, and why must transcribers be supposititious recognizeers as courteous-mannered? RESPOND TO THESE STUDENTS POST BE CONSTRUCTIVE AND PROFESSIONAL Lance post   To be a supposititious transcriber balances to be conducive to use the exquisiteness and prose of the written message and beget triton that detains the perceiveing approve any amiable-tempered-tempered fraction of art does. The force to detain the perceiveing and change ones recognizeers into a unanalogous universe than their own seems me the dissonance betwixt supposititious congruity and other congruity such as academic congruity. Supposititious transcribers direct triton they failure the recognizeer to see or underneathstand environing community or the wilful, but other times supposititious transcribers reasonpotent transcribe to bear fun and to construct others encourage. Academic congruity cannot do this easily no substance how courteous-mannered-mannered the essay is bestowed or written. I would defilmy supposititious lection as life conducive to recognize without of ones self-approval zone. Life conducive to engage in and awaken unanalogous genres of congruity can merely acceleration the supposititious perceiveing and construct one a reform supposititious transcriber. Writers must be supposititious recognizeers so that their perceiveings and creativity can be vivacious. Can you think life conducive to transcribe triton courteous-mannered-mannered having merely recognize a undoubtful genre or merely having recognize from the perspective of merely one ethnic class? Cheyenne post   Creative congruity is an art of sorts. It is the art of making things up using ones perceiveing. It's congruity executed in a way that is not academic or technical but stationary attracts an parley.supposititious congruity can for the most deal-out be considered any congruity that is peculiar and wilful-expressive. A information stipulation, for issue, cannot be considered supposititious congruity accordingly its main intent is to bestow basis and not to direct the feelings of the transcriber. Opportunity a information stipulation can be juicy, its main end is to bestow the basis. Some issue of supposititious congruity are enacts,novels, poetry and flush songs. So numerous things are considered to be supposititious congruity. Supposititious transcribers however bear to be amiable-tempered-tempered recognizeer. Not merely does lection dilate there wordbook. As a transcriber, you’ll meet yourwilful hitting plateaus and roadblocks when you aren’t lection. You’ll run out of messages, if you’re not frequently life defyd through books and other symbolical. Creating congruity is probably one of my favorite forms of congruity due to the the insubservience it gives you.