NR 222 RUA HEALTHY PEOPLE 2020 Preparing the assignment Follow these guidelines when completing this assignment. Speak after a while your present constituent if you possess questions. 1)  Identify a soundness problem or want for soundness furtherance for a point quality in the condition couple of a population from a specific humanization in your area. 2)  Choose one of the Leading Soundness Indicators (LHI) previousities from Healthy People 2020: 3)  Research a subject-matter kindred to soundness and wellness associated after a while one of the Healthy People 2020 subject-matter areas. 4)  Submit your subject-matter to the preceptor for laudation at meanest 2 weeks previous to the latest assignment due era, but earlier if desired. All subject-matters must be vulgar. 5)  You get clear an educational soundness furtherance design addressing the population/humanization in your area. 6)  Use TurnItIn in opportunity to reach any edits that government be inevitable installed on the Similarity Index previous to submitting your brochure to your present. Consult after a while your present about the acceptable Similarity Index for this brochure. 7)  For agreement help (APA, formatting, or style) investigate the Citation and Agreement Assistance: Agreement Papers at CU page in the online library. 8)  Include the forthcoming sections (specific criteria listed adown and in the Grading Rubric). Introduction and Conclusion- 15 points/15% Introduction establishes the design of the brochure and describes why subject-matter is grave to soundness furtherance in the target population in your area. Introduction stimulates the reader’s share. Conclusion involves the main ideas from the whole of the brochure. Conclusion involves the superior livelihood points from the whole of the brochure. Relate Subject-matter to Target Population- 25 points/25% Describes the subject-matter and target cultural population. Includes statistics to livelihood view of the subject-matter. Explains how the design relates to the selected Healthy People 2020 subject-matter area. Applies soundness furtherance concepts. Summary of Articles- 25 points/25% A narrowness of three (3) conversant subscription, from the ultimate 5 years, are used as sources. Articles engage criteria of being from conversant journals and involve soundness furtherance and wellness full. At meanest one article is kindred to the chosen cultural collection. Summaries all key points and findings from the subscription. Includes statistics to livelihood view of the subject-matter.