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Word Calibre Assignment (Part 1): Directions: Below are conditions built from expression calibre. Analyze each order by listing and defining the expression calibre used to establish it. 1. balanorrhea 2. cystocele 3. cystalgia 4. epididymal 5. lithotripsy 6. oophorectomy  7. ovariosalpingitis  8. salpingocyesis  9. intrauterine 10. nullipara Part 2:   Directions: Rewrite each of the forthcoming using medical conditions. 1. Mrs. Scott’s irritated menstrual progress was treated delay a surgical progress to widen the cervix and grate the endometrial lining 2. Over date, Mrs. Martinez had exposed an monstrous passageway between her bladder and vagina.  3. The one who studies newborns assists delay a extraction through an incision in the abdominal and uterine walls. 4. The new unrepining visiting the savant who studies women’s issues was in her primitive pregnancy and had no extractions. 5. Maria was fortunate to perceive out she had a benevolent obstruct button of fiberlike web, not a baleful button of the subside glands of the obstruct. 6. A progress to visually discuss the bladder revealed the intercourse of a bladder stone, and the unrepining underwent a surgical progress to quell the stone. 7. An x-ray annals of the renal pelvis made forthcoming the implantation of a dye through the urethra aged the diagnosis of inflammation of the renal pelvis and class.  8. An evaluation of the semen for fertility done six weeks forthcoming the surgical disruption of the vas deferens aged the failure of sperm.  9. The results of the natural trial of the urine showed that there was pus in the urine, bacteria in the urine, and sugar in the urine.  10. The unrepining required a fable of a new immeasurableness to the ureter forthcoming the disruption of the bladder for bladder cancer. Abbreviations (Part 3) Directions: Please settle each of the forthcoming abbreviations in the immeasurableness supposing. 1. ESWL 2. GU 3. HD 4. HPV 5. I&O 6. PI, para I 7. PID 8. PMS 9. SB 10. TAH-BSO