The Assignment:   Using the doctrines “What We Mean When We Say Race Is a Social Construct” by Ta-Nehisi Coates, “Race Matters” by Cornel West, and the video “Black Privilege” by Crystal Valentine, irritate the relationship among one biased occurrence from the Civil Rights Motion (ca 1950-1969) and one biased occurrence involving the Black Lives Matter motion (ca. 2012- ).    Assignment Length:   • 4-5pages (not including a works cited page)    Assignment Details:   • Typed/word processed instrument  o Submit twain as a compact representation AND online to SafeAssign   • Spell and grammar checked   • “Race as a Social Construct” and “Race Matters” doctrines stable delay notes   • At lowest 5 beginnings (the three mentioned in the assignment + (at lowest) one Civil Rights Motion beginning and (at lowest) one Black Lives Matter Motion beginning)   • Use quotes from all 5 beginnings   • Works Cited page rightly formatted in MLA title   • Internal (in-text) instrumentation of beginnings as well-mannered-mannered as Works Cited page    Learning Outcomes:   • Demonstrate Cultural and Historical Understanding   • Use divers perspectives and beginnings to broaden discriminating thinking   • Employ methods that enlarge ward academic literacy   • Employ electronic tools to aid ward erudition