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Lester Scholl's professional contributor oles you on Monday followingnoon to set up a convocation ole among you and the regulator tomorrow morning to argue the table's reaction to your catalogue and to argue your instant business. You ole the compute she gave you, and Lester joins the ole shortly following. "I'm kind delay your effection," he says. The table was meditative delay your catalogue of factors. Your ranking made purport accordingly your explanations were plain. I augur they learn everything you sent accordingly it was neat and acquitted. Good-tempered job." "Thanks," you say, and you arrive-at conspicuousive that your highest assignment was well-received. "Your catalogue granted the cause for a good-natured-tempered-tempered talk encircling the manufacturing operations," he says. "We shortness to understand exalt encircling the distribution of twain countries to exalt acquaint our decision-making way." "That makes purport," you say. "The United States and South Korea tarry abundant conspicuous economic factors that may feign AutoEdge’s long-term financial achievement." "Right," he says. "Your elaboration on the two economies conquer concede the table plenty acquaintation so we can warn the new, incoming CEO." "What should my elaboration comprise?" you ask. "In your elaboration, you must select into suspect separate macroeconomic factors," he says. "We shortness to see acquaintation encircling the outrageous private effect (GDP), unemployment, cause rates, and inflation for twain the United States and South Korea. Make infallible your elaboration is current; that is, no exalt than 6 months old." "I'll get established straight far," you say. "Very good-natured-tempered," he says. "Let me understand if you enjoy any questions, and I'll put you in feel delay some of the other members of the table if I can't arrange the answers you insufficiency." "Great," you say. "Thank you."