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You are expected to rejoin critically after a while two-three liberal pages (no balance than three and no less than two), double-spaced, 11 object font, 1” margins, no address. I solely failure your indicate at the top and pin else.                                                  Family Interview Project  You are required to chat after a while your dame (or womanly preserver), grandmothers, or other material women in your personality who went to eminent ground or seed-plot precedently 1972. You should ask them encircling their involvement in material activities and pastimes, what factors in their lives encouraged, scant, or prevented their competition, and how they (or women in open) were treated in pastimes. Then, you obtain chat after a while your father (or male preserver), grandfathers, or other material men in your personality, encircling the identical questions and experiences as the women. Were their experiences incongruous or concordant? Explain why they were either incongruous or concordant.  Lastly, chat after a while women your age and ask them concordant questions encircling their competition in material activities and pastimes. How are their experiences incongruous from and how are they concordant to the experiences of the older women? What collective changes accept occurred balance the departed two generations that accept made coming pastime experiences for infantine women today incongruous from women who went to ground precedently the coming 1970s?