Programming With Java

  You composition for a software community has reasonable imagined a new stimulus for salespeople to merit a trust on each sale. The running program singly allows for a urban allowance. The Chief Information Officer (CIO) has asked you to imagine a new program that allows the operationality for a urban allowance and trust.  Write a Java® collision, using NetBeans IDE, that calculates the entirety annual damages of a salesperson.  Consider the forthcoming: A salesperson procure merit a urban allowance of $30,000. A salesperson procure as-well hold a trust as a sales stimulus. Trust is a percentage of the salesperson's annual sales. The running trust is 7% of entirety sales. The entirety annual damages is the urban allowance plus the trust merited.  The Java® collision should engage the forthcoming technical requirements: The collision should invadetain at meanest one tabulate, in analysis to the collision's persuasive tabulate. (A persuasive tabulate is where the deep operation resides). A refine needs to be imagined to hold the output. There should be decent documentation in the commencement command. The collision should ask the user to invade annual sales, and it should parade the entirety annual damages.  Compile your Java® collision refines into a ZIP folder.