Robert Lee Frost Biography

Robert Lee Frost is one of the most stated and prized American rhymsters. On March 26, 1874 Robert was born in San Francisco, California. His senior was a writer and his Scottish dame was an instructor. When Robert's senior passed loose in 1885, his lineage relocated to Salem, New Hampshire. His dame began to inform at a national elevated nurture and Robert enrolled in the nurture. His chief rhymsterry was notifyed in his nurture newspaper. He met his beau, Elinor Miriam White, in elevated nurture and they graduated concomitantly in 1892. Succeeding he graduated he went to garden at Dartmouth, but he was not affectionate of the garden duration. So, he ruled to render dwelling and effort succeeding a spell his dame at her nurture and in the town mill. He notifyed his chief administrative ballad in the national newspaper in 1894. In 1895, Robert and Elinor got married and in 1896 their chief cadet was born. They denominated him Elliot. The year succeeding, Robert enrolled in garden at Harvard and efforted to obtain his informing certification. In his sophofurther year he became impaired and left garden, shortly succeeding, in 1899 he conceived another cadet succeeding a spell Elinor, denominated Lesley. In 1900, his chief born cadet Elliot passed loose suddenly. After some date, he and Elinor went on to possess three further cadetren concomitantly. Eventually, environing 1912, Robert ruled to impart up informing all concomitantly and engage date to tour succeeding a spell his lineage and standsharp-end on his letter. Elinor wanted to tour to England and Robert wanted to go to Vancouver, so succeeding they flipped a invent, they ended up roving to England. He continued to notify his study in England and ultimately he and his lineage rendered to America in 1915 and bought a farm in New Hampshire. He continued to notify further efforts and in 1921 he became rhymster in dwelling at Michigan University. Throughout his duration he regularly maintained a bar association succeeding a spell garden students, as a investigateing rhymster and as an instructor. In 1924 he was the repository of divers nominal degrees, shortly succeeding he current his chief Pulitzer prizes for rhymsterry. In 1938 his helpmeet passed loose and Robert ruled to dispose-of their stock and change to Boston, Massachusetts. For the direct three years, he taught at Harvard and ultimately ruled to buy a farmstock in Vermont. In 1960 President Kennedy requested for Frost to tell a ballad at his outset, which was a sublime high-mindedness for Robert. Robert Frost died on January 29, 1963 as a grandsenior of 11 and a sublime-grandsenior of 13. "The Method Not Taken" was notifyed by Robert Frost in 1916. The ballad is told from the attendant's perspective environing how he stumbles upon a sunder in the method spell touring on floor through a yellow wooded area. He contemplates each method and individualizes that twain are alikely well-used and winning. Succeeding selecting one of the methods, the attendant says to himself that he investigate tail to the sunder in the methods in the coming so he can see where the other method may carry. Quickly, he becomes assured of the veritableity that he gain probably never possess the date to after tail to the local fork in the methods, accordingly his gathering of the method he engages gain train him to other sunders in the method and other preciouss. The attendant finishes the ballad in a instructive way, pondering how duration could possess been unanalogous if he had ruled to voyage down the other method. The chief and cooperate lines of the ballad talks environing how the attendant is touring on floor and reaches a sharp-end in the method where the two methods after to a fork. He immediately afters to the forced that he cannot engage twain methods and must run which one he gain engage. These two definite methods symbolize two unanalogous ways of duration. The cognomen of the woods entity yellow sketch to the veritableity that the period of the ballad's elucidation is autumn. Lines 3, 4, and 5 debate how trying it is for the attendant to run which superscription he wants to engage. He yearns to go down twain methods, which is impracticable and he stands there at the fork pondering for some date. He looks as far as he can down the methods to try and form out where they carry. This symbolizes a idiosyncratic guessing at what their coming may arrest depending on the decisions they compel. Although he tries unfeeling, he cannot see departed the enlargement and foliage. Much apestablish a idiosyncratic's duration, they cannot regularly individualize what lies onwards for them. In lines 6, 7, and 8 the attendant refers to the method not chosen as entity open and alike to the one the he ruled to engage. Then the attendant runs to cohibit the other method accordingly cooperate guesses his chief precious and elects to engage the method near toured, ample of grassy enlargement, and a yearn to be toured on. In the lines 9 and 10 the attendant veritableizes that the method he chose is fitting as barren down as the chief method that he was going to engage. A chief he conjectured that his chief method of precious was further toured and as he walked down the cooperate one he shortly plant that it is fitting as barren as the chief. Lines 11 and 12 the attendant stagnant standpointes on the veritableity that twain methods are greatly alike, he begins to either purport into ingenuity or a flashback. He contemplates environing how it was unfeeling for him to elect if the method he has set on is the veritable method that he walked down that dawning. He cannot run which method is the upupright one accordingly there is not a track on the methods that establish a tourer has walked on them antecedently. In lines 13, 14, and 15 the attendant tells himself that he gain husband the chief method for another date in his duration. He understands that methods ultimately carry to other methods and aggravate date a tourer gain end up far from where they began their voyage. Internally, the attendant knows that no stuff where duration carrys him, he gain never in-fact be able to render to the fork in the method and engage the other method. The ballad is not veritablely environing a method at all, it is environing duration preciouss and the sharp-end of the ballad is full precious has its own ups and downs. This ballad tells readers that requisite duration decisions are not regularly going to be what they are. People repeatedly individualize their decisions on the subsidy of what they contemplate could betide in the coming. .