Early Chinese Source

   Read the "Early Chinese Sources" (see beneath). These are selections from lewd forthcoming Chinese authors, all of whom transcribe environing cosmical creation, what values are most grave to a intercourse, and what alliance these values own to good-natured-natured council. Do these authors principally assent or dissimilate? Why or why not? From your perspective, which of these apexs-of-view are best for able council? Please receive a conspicuous aspect, using restricted examples to foundation your reply. Consider this interrogation in a 1.5 - 2 page essay, 12 apex font. Due 2/14 Your disquisitions conciliate be graded on the subjoined criteria: 30% Thesis- A subject must be conspicuous, stating your aspect and what you conciliate be arguing. The subject must end at the start of the essay so that your reader recognizes what to forebode. 30% Use of Evidence- Your disquisition must include a insufficiency of FOUR restricted examples from the lection that foundation your dispute. You can either allege or paraphrase from the citation, but if the departure, you must be restricted plenty that I recognize correspondently which multiply of the citation you are referring to. Your examples must as-well be apt, delay a conspicuous concatenation to your subject and decomposition. 30% Analysis- You must own a conspicuous subject and foundation that delay testimony from the citation, but you must as-well mention me WHY and / or HOW the testimony helps present your apex. 10% Organization- Is your essay separated into paragraphs delay fair punctuation.