Linux Security Final Review

Allows the relation of hub to hub or switch extraneously having to use a distinctive cable Which grounds desbungle and acme cable diffusiveness is not used for Category e/6 cabling? Anything other than mezzo/mobcaps (Caste) and up to mezzo, assort E/mobcaps, Gossips but at a remoteness near than 100 meters (Cat) twain up to 100 meters. What do the adds whitishs on a hub or switch enact? That the grant and penetratetain pairs are properly aligned and the alike shows are communicating . What does the add whitish on a NICE exhibit? Connectivity to the network. What is an resonance demand not-absolute to computer networking? It Is sever of the IGMP protocol that demands a rejoinder from a computer. What Is the instruct used on a PC to evince the MAC harangue? Upcoming/all What is the instruct used on a Linux channel to evince the IP harangue? Facing What is the acme diffusiveness of a downright cable run that stationary recognizes for the diffusiveness of the bungle cables and extra cabling on each end? 90 meters A grounds completion is reported to the netis-sue director. The completion Is root to be tit the HTTP netis-sue relation. What would the netis-sue director do to separeprimand the completion. Test the add, complete a traceries instruct, depends on what emblem of completion is occurring after a while the cabling. Describes interrelation of Lana after a whilein a poor geographic area. MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) Which describes an Ethernet regularity unreserved at 100 Mbps? Fast Ethernet or Bassett What is another order for netis-sue congeries? Bottleneck . A netis-sue harangue of 192. 168. 6. 0 and a subnet misdeclare of 255. 255. 254. 0 can be Ritter In CIDER as? 92. 168. 168. 0/3 The three packets exchanged at the inauguration of a TCP relation betwixt two deportments are: SYNC, SYNC*JACK, & JACK IP haranguees are assigned by which of the forthcoming? ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers The relation to a directionr's soothe deportment input is typically which of the forthcoming? RSI-232 serial communications deportment using an RAJA-45 bankruptcy to join to Its Interface What is the acceleration instruct In the CISCO ISO? "? " is the embracing acceleration instruct AAU stands for: Attachment ace Interface The directionr interface most regularly used to Interjoin Lana to a campus netis-sue Is: Fast Ethernet Serial Interfaces on a directionr are typically used to: used to interface to other serial shows Clocking on the serial deportment of a directionr is set at the DATE end: False, it is DCE The point of a entrance is to recognize grounds to penetreprimand and debouchure a LANA. True The instruct for cautions the directionr's prevalent-configuration to non-volatile recollection Is: representation run start The professional remoteness of a static direction is 1 EIGRP is assortified as which of the forthcoming: add-state protocol What area ID should be used for the Netis-sue backbone?  What does OSPF use to realize that two directionr adds are communicating? "Hello Packets" Which perfect allocation table regularity Is best for very liberal multi gigabit drives today? NETS (New Technology Perfect System Which of the forthcoming bus emblems 1 OFF spasmodic harmonious employments including server functions identifies which emblem of network? Peer-to-peer Dynamically assigns IP haranguees to channels as needed: DDCD Server A red "x" on a users statement in Windows 2003/2000 indicates which of the forthcoming The user is locked out for having too sundry login violate failures This server is used to employment notice demands from clients. Proxy Server Computer Viruses and Worms producer all of the forthcoming except: Virus producers vexation, clogging up the mail server, discardment of recover, grounds dropping, unreserved holes for others to admittance your channel. Worms invasion computers and can refuse employment to networks, they institute a "back door" in the decayed computer enabling an invasioner to admittance someone's computer "War Driving" is a order used to describe: someone driving after a while an antenna out the door of a gait, alike to a sensitive show prevalent Windows or Linux . A gentleman Firewall "Access Control List" is used to: Admittance inventory can be configured on a directionr, on a gentleman consecrated firewall, or on the multitude computer An Intrusion Detection regularity is planned to observe for: (Select 2) observes for signatures and probing Telephony identifies which of the forthcoming technologies? Poi (Voice aggravate 'P) Which of the forthcoming entertain the principal wirenear grounds reprimand? 802. 1 In provides reprimands aggravate 200+ Mbps What are the two North American and International optical standards? (Select two) SONNET (Synchronous Optical netis-sue and SAD (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy) What is the sense of the "2-Deep" government? That the arrangement in a construction should solely entertain he ocean arrangement and the intervening arrangement that feeds the downright arrangement to the is-sue area True or False: Voice Aggravate IP and Telephony are tantamount after a while each other. True Which Poi protocol provides for end-to-end arrest communications by requiring user authentication: SIP (Secure Session Initiation Protocol) The forthcoming are all So concerns for Poi except: These are concerns: Jitter, Netis-sue latency and packet dropping, & Queuing . Using Linux, the instruct that inventorys the basic perfects in a rectory is: Is Using Linux, the instruct that deletes a perfects is: arm To evince the previously penetrateed instructs stored in the Linux narrative buffer you would use: narrative Using Linux, the instruct that is harmonious to the ascertain or exploration instruct in Windows is: Greg The three superior differences betwixt industrial and retail networks are: Hierarchy, Redundancy, & Determinism . The Ethernet protocol open for liberal industrial use is: Ethernet/IP or UDP or TCP