Play therapy and transference and counter transference

   Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S., & Brocksen, S. M. (Eds.). (2014b). Political performance condition studies: Ardor year. Baltimore, MD: Laureate Interpolitical Universities Publishing. [Vital Source e-reader]. · Afloat delay Issue and Adolescents: The Condition of Claudia (pp. 15–17)  Note: Depending on your ardor, you may not entertain a condition con-aggravate bulk until a succeeding gainment. Therefore, if you did not entertain a delineation of Political Performance Condition Studies: Ardor Year in your prior way, use the linked PDF supposing hither. If you did entertain the bulk referenced aggravate, you may meet the conditions thither or use the PDF. PRACTICE 13 Working Delay Children and Adolescents: The Condition of Claudia Claudia is a 6-year-old, Hispanic womanly residing delay her biological woman and senior in an civic area. Claudia was born in the United States 6 months behind her woman and senior moved to the province from Nicaragua. Thither is prevalently no wide nativity maintenance in the area, but Claudia’s buildors enjoy made friends in the vicinity. Claudia’s nativity struggles economically and has to-boot struggled to allure allowable residency in this province. Her senior inappropriately meets performance in manual strive, and her woman of-late began performanceing three nights a week at a nail salon. Time Claudia is bilingual in Spanish and English, Spanish is the sepaobjurgate conversation spoken in her free. She is prevalently enrolled in a great exoteric train, synchronous kindergarten. Claudia’s nativity lives in an declined civic vicinity delay a rising enormity objurgate. Behind Claudia witnessed a mugging in her vicinity, her woman reputed that she became very solicitous and “needy.” She cried constantly and refused to be in a admission queer delayout a buildor. Claudia made her buildors lock the doors behind inconsiderable abode and would ask her buildors to curb the locks frequently. When walking in the vicinity, Claudia would ask her buildors if herd perishing are “bad” or if an approaching disunited is going to rack them. Claudia had inaptitude going to bed on nights when her woman performanceed, frequently crying when her woman left. Although she was constantly pregnant, Claudia was self-approvaled by her buildors and has a amiable-tempered-tempered interconnection delay them. Claudia’s pregnantness was exhibited throughout the train day as polite-mannered-behaved. She asked her teachers to lock doors and spoke delay staff and peers encircling unexposed intruders on a daily account. Claudia’s woman, Paula, was primally hesitant to investigate therapy services for her daughter due to the nativity’s undocumented foothold in the province. I met delay Claudia’s woman and utilized the primal debateion to illustrate the character of services offered at the action, as polite-mannered-behaved-behaved as the policies of confidentiality. Prior to the SOCIAL WORK CASE STUDIES: CONCENTRATION YEAR 14 meeting, I translated all apt forms to Spanish to growth Paula’s self-approval. Unarranged sundry minutes of talking, Paula noticeably relaxed, openly sharing the nativity’s narrative and her concerns regarding Claudia’s “nervousness.” Goals set for Claudia included increasing Claudia’s force to struggle delay trouble and increasing her force to restrain affectation throughout her train day. Using cadet-centered and directed denote therapy approaches, I began performanceing delay Claudia to inquire her earth. Claudia was intrigued by the sand tray in my station and selected a variety of delineations, informing me that each delineation was either “good” or “bad.” She would then build scenes in the sand tray in which she would generate preserveive barriers encircling the amiable-tempered-tempered delineations, protecting them from the bad. I reflected upon this thesis of amiable-tempered versus bad, and Claudia exposed the force to spokenize her yearn to preserve amiable-tempered-tempered herd. I continued debateion delay Claudia uninterruptedly a week, and Claudia continued exploring the thesis of amiable-tempered-tempered versus bad in the sand tray for 2 months. Utilizing a daily sensibilitys curb-in, Claudia exposed the force to gain in pretend identification, spokenizing her sensibilitys and frequently sharing apt stories. Claudia unwillingly began investigation me questions encircling herd in the edifice and station, prying if they were bad or amiable-tempered, and I cherished Claudia in exploring these inquiries. Claudia would constantly debate her timiditys encircling train delay me, investigation why carelessness guards were bestow at trains. We would debate the aim of carelessness guards in element, allowing her to ask questions frequently, as wanted. Claudia and I to-boot practiced a calming strain to sing when she exercised timidity or trouble during the train day. During this opportunity, I constantly met delay Paula to vestige Claudia’s progress through buildor rumoring. I to-boot utilized psychoeducational techniques during these debateions to resurvey appropriate methods Paula could use to debate disunitedal securedguard delay Claudia externally creating joined trouble. By the third month of treatment, Claudia began determining that further and further herd in the environment were amiable-tempered. This was reflected in her sand tray scenes as polite-mannered-behaved: the preserveion of good-tempered delineations decreased, and Claudia began placing amiable-tempered-tempered and bad PRACTICE 15 figures contiguous to one another, stating, “They’re okay now.” Paula reputed that Claudia no longer questioned her encircling each disunited that passed them on the street. Claudia began pointed her friends in train encircling amiable-tempered-tempered carelessness guards and stopped investigation teachers to lock doors during the day. At abode, Claudia became further self-approvalable staying in her bedadmission queer, and she significantly decreased the number of investigation for doors to be locked. APPENDIX 99 7. What topical, narrate, or federal policies could (or did) pretend this condition? Chase had an interpolitical preference but it was polishd delayin a biased narrate, which unreserved him and his nativity to entertain services so he could rest delay his grafted nativity. In adduction, narrate laws cognate to advice pretended Chase and aided his buildors in requesting testing and particular advice services. Lastly, narrate laws cognate to cadet absoluteness could enjoy pretended this nativity if they chose to surrender conservation to the Department of Nativity and Issue Services (DFCS). 8. How would you upholder for political substitute to categorically pretend this condition? Advocacy delayin the train method for bestow identification and testing of cadetren love Chase would be totalsome. 9. Were thither any allowable or immaterial issues bestow in the condition? If so, what were they and how were they discourseed? Thither was a possibility of allowable/immaterial issues cognate to the nativity’s traitorship delay Chase. If his buildors had resorted to substantial affront, a CPS rumor would want to be polishd. In adduction, delay a potential surrenderment of Chase, DFCS could career to behold at the cadetren tranquil in the abode (Chase’s grafted siblings) and affect removing them as polite-mannered-behaved. Working Delay Issue and Adolescents: The Condition of Claudia 1. What biased agency strategies (skills, comprehension, etc.) did you use to discourse this client seat? Specific agency skills used were unequivocal spoken stay and misgivinglessness, validation and meditation, and pretend identification and examination. Comprehension of cadet anxieties/timidity and psychoadvice for the client and her woman were to-boot utilized. Child-centered denote therapy was utilized parallel delay sand tray therapy to furnish a secured environment for Claudia. SOCIAL WORK CASE STUDIES: CONCENTRATION YEAR 100 2. Which assumption or theories did you use to lead your exercise? I used hypothetical bases of cadet- (client-) centered nondirective denote therapy. 3. What were the attested strengths of the client(s)? Client strengths were a stayive buildoring ace, unequivocal peer interactions, and the force to gain. 4. What were the attested challenges faced by the client(s)? The client faced environmental challenges. Due to socioeconomic status, the client resided in a slightly dangerous vicinity, adding to her trouble and timidity. The client’s nativity to-boot lacked an wide stay method and struggled to found allowable residency. 5. What were the agreed-upon goals to be met to discourse the concern? The goals agreed upon were to growth the client’s force to struggle delay trouble and growth her force to restrain affectation at train. 6. Did you enjoy to discourse any issues encircling cultural adequacy? Did you enjoy to recognize encircling this population/group prior to initiation your performance delay this client method? If so, what kind of investigation did you do to equip? Language barriers existed when performanceing delay the client’s mother. I ensured that all action documents were translated into Spanish. It was to-boot significant to recognize the nativity’s cultural disconnection. Their prevalent vicinity and culture is much irrelative than the agricultural Nicaraguan areas Claudia’s buildors grew up in. To recognize further encircling this, I elapsed opportunity delay Paula, learning further encircling her proof growing up and how this affects her buildoring phraseology and yearns for her daughter’s forthcoming. 7. What topical, narrate, or federal policies could (or did) pretend this seat? The client and her buildors are pretended by migration parliament. The client’s nativity was struggling financially as a issue of their inforce to allure documented foothold in this province. The client’s woman explicit their potent yearn to allure allowable foothold, but stated that counsel fees, desire fees, and resistless paperwork hindered their force to allure allowable residency. APPENDIX 101 8. How would you upholder for political substitute to categorically pretend this condition? I would upholder for growthd availforce and funding for allowable aid services in the opportunity of migration. 9. How can evidence-based exercise be mixd into this seat? Evidenced-based exercise can be mixd through the use of proven cadet therapy techniques, such as cadet-centered nondirective denote therapy, parallel delay perpetual unequivocal affect. 10. Picture any joined disunitedal meditations encircling this condition. It can be intricate to performance delay timiditys and trouble when they are naturalized in a client’s environment. It was significant to aid Claudia struggle delay her trouble time tranquil restraining the nativity’s carefulness encircling enormity and fierceness in the vicinity. Working Delay Issue and Adolescents: The Condition of Noah 1. What biased agency strategies (skills, comprehension, etc.) did you use to discourse this client seat? I utilized structured denote therapy and percipient behavioral techniques. 2. Which assumption or theories did you use to lead your exercise? For this condition con-over, I used percipient behavioral assumption. 3. What were the attested strengths of the client(s)? Noah had stayive and loving stir buildors who yearnd to graft him. He immediately became acclimated to the stir abode and launched a esteem delay his stir brother. He launched to behove gaind in extracurricular activities. Noah was an meddling and attractive boy who participated in our debateions. 4. What were the attested challenges faced by the client(s)? Noah faced sundry challenges, most significantly the insufficiency of his woman to prosper through delay the reunification intent. He has had an impermanent cadethood delay unclear buildoral role models. Thither may be some unreputed incidences of affront and trauma. Ruffolo, M. C., & Allen-Meares, P. (2013). Agency delay cadetren. In M. J. Holosko, C. N. Dulmus, & K. M. Sowers (Eds.), Political performance exercise delay disuniteds and families: Evidence-informed assessments and agencys (pp. 41–69). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. Taylor, E. R. (2009). Sandtray and solution-focused therapy. Interpolitical Journal of Denote Therapy, 18(1), 56–68.  Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases. Malawista, K. L. (2004). Rescue fantasies in cadet therapy: Countertransference/ interchange enactments. Cadet and Adolescent Political Performance Journal, 21(4), 373–386. Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases. van der Kolk, B. A. (2003). The neurobiology of cadethood trauma and affront. Cadet and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics, 12, 293–317. Retrieved from van der Kolk, B. A. (2005a). Cadet affront & victimization. Psychiatric Annals, 35(5),374–378. Retrieved from van der Kolk, B. A. (2005b). Developmental trauma experimentation. Psychiatric Annals, 35(5), 401–408.  Note: Retrieved from Walden Library databases. Gil, E. (1991). The totalsome authority of denote: Afloat delay affrontd cadetren. New York, NY: Guilford Press:  Chapter 2, “The Cadet Therapies: Application in Performance Delay Abused Issue (pp. 26–36) (PDF) Chapter 3, “The Treatment of Abused Children” (pp. 37–82) (PDF) Optional Resources SOCW 61 debateion 1 week 8 Discussion 1 - Week 8 Collapse Top of Form Total views: 3 (Your views: 1) Play Therapy Children who enjoy been affrontd or traumatized in some way may behoof from performanceing delay a therapist. Issue frequently reenact trauma through repetitious denote in ordain to found authority aggravate their emotions and integobjurgate proofs into their narrative on their own gainments. Through the use of toys and props, cadetren may naturally portion-out their emotions and spent proofs delayout sensibility the urgency they capacity confront delay oral talk therapy. For this Discussion, resurvey the way-biased condition con-aggravate for Claudia and the Chiesa (2012) and Taylor (2009) declaration. Work #3 (Title of performance #3 Denote Therapy) 1. In a sepaobjurgate polish Tally in APA format delay at smallest 2 citations per condition delay one all page of written tally and a succor page for references an interpretation of ways denote therapy capacity be totalsome for Claudia. Using the insights gained from the declaration, picture ways you capacity enjoy performanceed delay Claudia to discourse her timiditys and trouble cognate to the mugging she witnessed. Support your posts delay biased references to the Learning Resources. Be trusting to furnish unmeasured APA citations for your references. SOCW 61 debateion 2 week 8 Discussion 2 - Week 8 Collapse Top of Form Total views: 3 (Your views: 1) Transference and Countertransference Specific skills and comprehension are induced for a political performanceer performanceing delay cadetren. Understanding interchange and counterinterchange is piercing to a sound sanitary interconnection. Twain interchange and counterinterchange can be obvious in any client–therapist interconnection, but are especially significant in performanceing delay cadetren accordingly of a beggarly impulse unarranged adults to preserve and manage the early. The propulsion or relocation of one’s sensibilitys encircling one disunited onto another, inadequately unreserved as interchange, is a beggarly rejoinder by cadetren (Gil, 1991). Countertransference, a practitioner’s own melting rejoinder to a cadet, is to-boot beggarly. For this Discussion, resurvey the Malawista (2004) condition. Work #4 (Title of performance #4 Interchange and Countertransference) 2. In a sepaobjurgate polish Tally in APA format delay at smallest 2 citations per condition delay one all page of written tally and a succor page for references your interpretation why interchange and counterinterchange are so beggarly when performanceing delay cadetren. Then, identify some strategies you capacity use to discourse twain interchange and counterinterchange in your performance delay cadetren. Support your posts delay biased references to the Learning Resources. Be trusting to furnish unmeasured APA citations for your references.